Leslie Grossman Husband, Daughter, Family, Net Worth

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Leslie Grossman has been married to husband...began dating in the late...happiness and the affection she shares for her family is ...became the adorable grand...earned a generous sum through her is estimated...
Leslie Grossman Husband, Daughter, Family, Net Worth

American actress Leslie Grossman started working in the early 2000s. She gained recognition for her roles of Lauren on the popular sitcom What I Like About You and Mary Cherry on another successful series Popular.

Know all about the actress' husband, daughter, parents, and net worth below!

Married To Husband

The actress has been married to husband Jon Bronson for a long time now. Leslie and Jon began dating in the late 90s and tied the knot on 17 October 2000.

After being married for almost six years together, the couple decided to adopt their daughter Goldie in the year 2006.

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Born on 10 November 2006, Goldie holds a special place in her parent's heart. No wonder, the daughter of age 12 is the apple of an eye for Leslie and her husband. Celebrating every milestone like birthdays and achievements together, it is clear that the two have an abundance of love for their daughter.

Leslie Grossman with husband Jon Bronson and daughter Goldie on June 2019 (Photo: Leslie Grossman's Instagram)

Leslie's happiness and the affection she shares for her family is evident through her social media.

Nearing in the 19th anniversary in October 2019, her married relationship is going strong as ever with the presence of their daughter.

Leslie Grossman's Parents

Just like her daughter, Leslie is also a child, who was blessed enough to be adopted. Born on 25 October 1971, she became a part of the Grossman household by adopting the name Erin Grossman.

Leslie recieved much more than a relationship, love and a full name from her parents when she was adopted. She became the adorable granddaughter to Mack Grossman and Mona Grossman.

Although she doesn't share a blood bond with the members of her family, she has forever been grateful towards them. A tall - height of 5 feet 5 inch (1.65m) - and beautiful lady now, she is thankful to have been adopted by her parents and considers adoption to be one of the miracles in her life.

She shows her love to her parents, every chance she gets. With the amount of respect and admiration Leslie holds toward them, her parents - who have been married for more than 50 years - indeed couldn't have had asked for a better daughter.

Net Worth In 2019

With her very first role in the movie The Opposite of Sex, Leslie has been a part of the acting world since early 1997.

She has worked in both the TV and movie industry. A succesful actress, Leslie holds more than 60 acting credits to date. Her most noted works include Popular, Can't Hardly Wait, What I Like About You, Girl Band, and What We Do Is Secret.

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Having had performed in multiple film and series over the past decades, Leslie must have earned a generous sum through her career. Estimating her earnings as of 2019, the 47-year-old probably adds more than the average salary to her net worth.