Lindsay Mills Wedding, Height, Parents, Siblings

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Lindsay Mills is the girlfriend of famous whistleblower...started dating him in...plans for wedding...Her parents are...she appeared at the Academy Award in...was born seeking asylum in...
Lindsay Mills Wedding, Height, Parents, Siblings

Lindsay Mills is the girlfriend of famous whistleblower Edward Snowden, who shook the world by leaking top secret information about NSA's height of surveillance activities.

After her boyfriend sought asylum in Russia due to the leak in 2013, she joined him a year later, temporarily.

Some have considered Lindsay as Edward's partner in crime as her boyfriend is still presumed a traitor for publicizing public documents. Others sympathize with her and praise her loyalty for her boyfriend

In 2015, she appeared at the Academy Award where Citizenfour (2014), a documentary based on her boyfriend's life won the best documentary award.

Wiki: Date of Birth, Parents, Education

Lindsay was born in Laurel, Maryland, with her date of birth recorded in the files as 25 February 1985. Her parents are Jonathan and Martha Mills, but there are still no information on her siblings due to privacy concerns.

However, In 2013, her father had made a brief appearance in media while the NSA leak scandal was still fresh.

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Lindsay, who flaunts a Caucasian ethnicity, finished her schooling from Laurel High School in 2003. Later, she graduated from the Maryland Institute of Art in 2007 and started working as a pole dancer and acrobat.

Dating Life With Whistleblower

Lindsay first met her boyfriend in Maryland as Edward, along with his family, lived in the US state since the '90s. The couple eventually started dating in 2009 and soon began to live together in Hawaii.

Lindsay Mills spends time with boyfriend Edward Snowden during his birthday on 23rd June 2019 (Photo: Lindsay Mills's Instagram)

Interestingly, Lindsay was never notified of her partner's plan to unmask the evil secrets of the US government. Edward had successfully kept his plan a secret, and Lindsay became aware of his acts once everyone knew.

Leak Aftermath

Lindsay's Edward eventually left for Hong Kong with the leaked documents on NSA with very little chance of returning to the US. And, when the news about the leak became viral, she too became a person of interest among media and even the US government.

Due to her boyfriend's unexpected permanent departure from the US, she was profoundly sad. But, after looking at the circumstances and her partner's will to risk his life for the freedom of information, Lindsay decided to stay by his side.

She continued dating him even after he went to Russia seeking political asylum.

Where Is Lindsay Now?

Lindsay - age 34 - now travels back and forth from the US to Russia, where Edward resides. As she is not a suspect anymore, she can freely move in and out of the states.

Her partner, on the other hand, stays in an undisclosed location in Russia, where Lindsay spends her time engaging in photography lately. The couple has not thought of getting married, but as they have been through troubling times together, the possibility of a wedding can't be denied.

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Even though the couple has been spending wonderful times together in Russia, her boyfriend Edward revealed that they don’t feel safe there as its not their homeland.