Insight into Lolo Jones's Family, Boyfriend, & More

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Insight into Lolo Jones's Family, Boyfriend, & More

A star hurdler and bobsledder, Lolo Jones, age 39, has achieved a lot, and she has her supportive parents’ hand behind her through it all. Her family has been her support from Day 1. Even if she had to part ways with her family in order to achieve her dreams, her family respected her decision and always believed in her. 

Lolo Jones’s Family

All thanks to her parents' family background, Lolo identifies as belonging to mixed-racial ethnicity. She is of French, African-American, Native American, and Norwegian descent.

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Born in 1982, Lolo's primary guardian while growing up was her mother, Lori Counter-James. Her father, James Jone,s was always away because of his obligation to Air Force. 

Lolo Jones had a difficult upbringing as her father went to prison, leaving her mother to raise her and her siblings. Even though they struggled with poverty, she still had a loving relationship with her parents and had a happy, fulfilled childhood. 

In the ESPN documentary Lolo, she shares, for her, running was a dream to rescue her from poverty. 

“Running was like the friend that never left,” she said. “It was just always there.”

Despite her family’s difficult situation, she never let anyone get in the way of her dreams. Her hard work and optimistic behavior made her what she is today, with a net worth of $1.5 million.

Being optimistic through adversity later defined her quality in her career and personal life quality. 

She is five feet and nine inches (1.75 m) in height and still maintains a healthy weight of 73 kgs.

Lolo Jones Fitness in 2022

Lolo Jones Fitness in age 39 (Source: Instagram)

However, with all her success, she still has not met her Mr. Right.  

The three-time Olympic athlete’s love life is not successful as her career. Why does she not have a partner? Did she date anyone in the past?

Does Lolo Jones Have a Boyfriend?

There's no denying that Lolo boasts has an outstanding career as a track and field athlete. However, the same cannot be said for her dating life.

A devout Chrisitan, the three-time USA indoor champion, despises the idea of pre-marital sex. However, she has admitted to being a virgin at the age of 30s and saving herself for her future husband. During her 2018 Madame Noire interview, she opened up about being a virgin at the age of 30 and how her religious beliefs scared away possible boyfriends.

In an interview with ENews, she said, "I've had guys tell me, 'Hey, you know if you have sex, it'll help you run faster.'" Her reply to the guy was much better; she said, "I do want this gold medal," "But not that bad. Not yet…If you marry me, then yeah."

Not even the temptation of winning medals has lured her into a strictly sexual relationship.

By her admission, Lolo's stance on pre-marital sexual acts has proved detrimental to her quest for a suitable partner. She shares how her decisions and her honesty intimidate his dates. 

In the Cold As Balls, Lolo shared how being candid about her life has caused issues in her dating life. She jokingly said,  “That killed all my dates after that — like didn’t even have a chance. Like before, at least I had a chance.” 

She admitted that she shouldn’t have gone public about her virginity and that she should have kept it to herself and revealed it to her partner at the correct time in their relationship.

Besides her brief romance with NBA star Blake Griffin in 2018, not much information is available on her past romantic partners. 

As Jones posts regularly about her relationship status and her life, we will definitely know if she will ever have a boyfriend in the future. 

We will surely update you if she finds her Mr. Right. So stay with us for more updates.