WSVN's Lynn Martinez Family: Who Is Her Husband? Get All The Details

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WSVN's Lynn Martinez appears on the popular entertainment show Deco Drive and at the same time balances her life as a mother. Lynn is a proud parent to her two kids...son...who is at the age of...and a daughter...who is at the age of...While she is a proud mother, she is also a married journalist. Lynn has often used husband tag on her Tweets but has not actually revealed the identity of her man. However, she currently shares romance with...
WSVN's Lynn Martinez Family: Who Is Her Husband? Get All The Details

Lynn Martinez has been acquainted with WSVN for over 25 years covering stories for the channel. Lynn anchors 7 News at 4, 4:30, 5:30 and 6. Likewise, she is co-hosting the popular entertainment show Deco Drive while landing herself with Emmy Awards.

While her life as a professional journalist is taking the heights, he personal life as a mother and a wife is confined within the four walls of her house. There has been very minimal knowledge about the relationship that she shares with her husband along with the insights on her married life.

However, it has come to light that she is a proud mother of two kids and shares a loving romance with a new man. Has she parted ways with the father of her children? Well, here is what her bio reveals!

WSVN's Anchor's Relationship With Husband - Shares Family

Lynn Martinez, who joined WSVN since 1991, has perfectly balanced her professional life alongside her personal. While she quickly rose through the ranks in her career, her life away from the cameras has its own story to tell.

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As most part of her love life is under the hat, there have reports that she was married and even had a husband. According to some outlets, Lynn is a married journalist who shares a family of four with her husband.

While taking a stroll through her Instagram, it has come to light that Lynn is a proud mother of her two kids - firstborn son Nick, who is now at the age of 19 and a daughter Elle, who is now at the age of 18. 

Lynn Martinez with her son Nick and daughter Elle. (Photo: Lynn Martinez's Instagram)

Lynn often seems to cherish their presence in her life while posting pictures with her babies. However, Lynn hardly mentions any detail about her husband. Even though Lynn has used husband tags in her Tweets back in past dating back to 2014, there is no any detail about the man she married.

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Furthermore, there isn't any information about the wedding she had either. Adding to it, as Lynn seems to have found love with a new man, her relationship with her husband might have come to an end.

Found New Love?

While Lynn kept her relationship with her husband at a distant, she now seems to have found new love. Lynn has been posting pictures with her man for a while now and the pair seems to hit it off really well.

Even though Lynn has not revealed the identity of the man, she often shares pictures with him mentioning him as her lover. Their picture together surfaced the media back in October 2017.

Lynn Martinez sharing the love with her partner. (Photo: Lynn Martinez's Instagram)

Since then, the pair has been posting lovey-dovey pictures together. Their posts mark their love for each other while cherishing the moments that they spend together. 

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Well, they sure seem a perfect match sharing love for each other.