Melanie Bromley Announces! Won't Get Married & Have Husband, What Happened?

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Melanie Bromley Announces! Won't Get Married & Have Husband, What Happened?

A specific celebrity couple's breakup led E! News' Chief News Correspondent Melanie Bromley to disown the institution of marriage and abandon her search for a husband altogether. Either that or her experience with a form of extortion used by her once-partner made her lose faith in so-called married life.

A survivor of skin cancer, Melanie had to overcome weight loss before she could peak unprecedented career heights and one that seems to reflect in her salary. Dig into the former US Weekly' European Bureau Chief's bio to learn more including her family and education background!

Husband Out Of Equation Following Extortion By Former Partner?; Melanie Bromley: "Never Get Married"

Like the rest of the world, Melanie too was fascinated with the married life of Angelina Jolie and her husband, Brad Pitt.

From adopting babies from all over the world to engaging on the humanitarian work, Angelina and Brad's - or Brangelina as fans liked to call them - relationship symbolized a pinnacle for any hopeful romantics.

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So when the power couple announced their split in September 2016, the E! News' Senior Managing Correspondent was rightfully distraught. In a tweet that doubled as a proclamation against married life, she professed her sadness.

Melaine reacts to Angelina Jolie and her partner's break up (Photo:- Melanie Bromley's Twitter)

If Angelina and Brad's divorce doesn't explain her singlehood, then her Facebook post a month before surely does.

Melanie began her lengthy post about recounting the story of how her college partner had tried to extort her with a pre-weight loss snap from her childhood days. She wrote:-

"I had an ex-bf who stole this picture off of my Mom's refrigerator when I was home from college and said he wouldn't give it back to me, because he wants to sell to TMZ one day."

The Brit then followed up by asserting that her weight loss had been a miracle. She added:-

"I was a miracle then and I continue to be one. No one can bully me into feeling shame about my body image, because I'm brave enough to believe I've always been perfect, just the way I am."

Perhaps, the trust issues that were born after her extortion ordeal scarred her for life into acquiring a husband and getting married.

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Melanie Bromley Mini-Bio Including Her Age, Height, Salary, Family & Education

Weight loss aside, Melanie, age 44, has had a terrible experience with skin cancer as well.

Half a decade after leaving her family in Britain in 2007 to fulfill her obligation as the US Weekly's West Coast Bureau Chief, she contracted Basal Cell Carcinoma -- a form of skin cancer.

As expected, Melanie showcased her warrior-like spirit when she penned an essay chronicling her experience of living with cancer titled What I Learned From Having Skin Cancer. An excerpt read:-

"If ever there is such a thing. I am healing. My scar is my new good luck charm. Reminding me, every time I look in the mirror, of how fortuitous I was."

Born on 30 September 2018 in England, the former US Weekly European Bureau Chief - who stands well and above the 5 foot and 5 inches tall - earned her Bachelor's education from the University of Wales in Science & Physical Geography(1993-1996). For her Masters in Broadcast Journalism, she attended City University.

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Following her nine glorious years stint at US Weekly, Melanie - who bags six-figure salary at her current network - joined E! News in 2012 and the rest, as they say, is history!