Who Is Lynn Whitfield's Husband? Get In Touch With Her Children, Family & Net Worth

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Lynn Whitfield is a...has been married...didn't last for...her ex-husband... is now all grown up...her daughter...her youth, her father a hard worker and great immense net worth of...influencing role model for young
Who Is Lynn Whitfield's Husband? Get In Touch With Her Children, Family & Net Worth

Lynn Whitfield, an Emmy Award-winning actress for an Outstanding Lead Actress, is an icon in the American public eye. She was pushed to her utmost after working on the acclaimed HBO film The Josephine Baker Story.

The black stunner has successively appeared in many films, notably A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Sophie & the Moonhanger, and The Wedding, after receiving praises and attention from the historical drama.

Her personal life is considerably different from what she is used to while working. Do you want to learn more? Then let's get straight into learning everything there is to know about the actress today.

Two Failed Marriages? The Mother Of One & Her Wedding Plights

It's a no-brainer for superstars to become the center of attention after giving incredible performances on film. The same may be said about the American actress. She, too, has the public curious about who she is and who she is likely dating or married to.

Well, Whitfield is currently single, but she has been married, not once but twice. Initially, she was married to a playwright-director-actor named Vantile Whitfield in 1974.

Her first hubby was a director, teacher, dramatist, and set designer who also happened to be the founder of the Expansion Arts Program. Before marrying the actress, he was also the husband of Barbara Ann Grant and Barbara Ellen Cobbs. 

The pair was together for four years before ultimately splitting up. After their divorce, the screenwriter remarried Loretta Collins Argrett, but the marriage failed when he passed away in 2005.

Similarly, the native of Louisiana made the decision to go on with her life too. And she did, marrying her then-husband Brian Gibson in 1990.

Unfortunately, this marriage was likewise doomed to end. Despite the fact that their relationship didn't last more than two years, Grace Gibson was born as a fruit of their marriage.

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Not long after Whitfield and her second husband parted ways, Gibson passed in 1994, at the age of 59, despite his lengthy fight with bone cancer. 

It was unwelcome news for the actress, who had left as a single mother while pursuing a career that appeared to be on the slide. However, as a single mother, the actress has succeeded in raising her daughter.

Lynn Whitfield with daughter Grace Gibson in June 2021 (Photo: Lynn Whitfield's Instagram)

Grace Gibson, now 29 and fully grown, is following in her mother's footsteps. She is a singer and dancer by profession, but she has also dabbled in acting and is doing rather well.

She freely brags about her mother and father whenever she gets to, expressing her gratitude to both of them for raising such a strong lady. Even when asked who she was told she looked more like when she was younger, she had something to say.

“When I was born I was so pale that I literally looked like a miniature chubby version of my British father. But as I grew older and the curls started to appear it became undeniable that it’s almost an exact split down the middle of my mother and father. Everyone says mom and I have the exact same face shape and my dad and I have the same sense of humor.”

Apart from her daughter with Gibson, she has no other children. As a result, the Monica actress has always valued her one and only kid.

Extra Details About The American Actress

Daughter of Afro-American parents: father Valerian Smith and mother Jean Butler, Lynn Whitfield was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on May 6, 1953. Her family consists of four children: two younger sisters, Kimberlegh Butler-Smith and Shawne Langston, and one younger brother, Valerian Butler-Smith.

Her father played a role in her career growth. Despite being a dentist, he had already peaked his passion for performing and was a major influence in the early community theater in their town. She, like her father, quickly became interested in acting like him.

After playing with the Black Repertory Company in Washington, D.C., she shot to fame. She got parts on Broadway productions such as The Outstanding Macdaddy, Showdown, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enough, and others after gaining recognition as a hard worker and great performer.

With many more triumphs and achievements, the gorgeous leading woman has received several nominations and awards while appearing in television series and films, earning her the title of an unsurpassed stunner.

In addition to honors, Whitfield has amassed a great deal of money and fortune!

Her Net Worth Details 

With a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65m), the American film producer is a name to reckon with in the industry. She has not refrained from performing, even at the age of 66. Though she made an appearance as Josephine Okeke in the hit TV show The Resident as a guest star in 2019.

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With a four-decade acting career under her sleeve, Whitfield has acted as a role model for budding artists all around the world. Her great family, as well as her hard work and dedication, have not only helped her achieve superstar status, but also massive net worth of $3 million and the perfect home for herself!