Does Macy Gray Have A Wife? What About Her Children?

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Does Macy Gray Have A Wife? What About Her Children?

Does the song I Try of 1999 ring a bell in your head?

If yes, then you would not have missed the singer of the song, Macy Gray, who made all the music lovers drool over her music from her hit debut album, On How Life Is.

After being single for a long time, she is speculated to have a wife. So let’s find out if it's true or just rumors. 

Macy Gray’s Wife

Macy Gray, age 54, is the Grammy Award-nominated singer who has her own definition in writing the success of the music world. Apart from that, Macy, an occasional actor, has a personal life kept to her side. 

However, she has been single for a very long time, and because of that, she was speculated to have a wife. Furthermore, she was not linked with any men, which added fire to her having a wife. But in reality, she does not have a wife and is straight.

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But she has been actively supporting the LGBT+ community through her songs. She was even invited to a Pride event. At the event, she told how courageous people are who come out and let the world know. She adds how a lot of people are hiding behind because of society. Her support for them made many people suspect her sexuality. 

But the truth is, she did have a husband and was a wife before she started her career.

Macy Gray’s Husband 

Macy Gray, a talented singer with her original style and a wild sense of humor, has her personal life apart from her fame. However, the singer and songwriter Macy was proud to call herself the wife of her husband, Tracey. She turned her boyfriend Tracey Hinds, a mortgage broker by profession, into her husband by exchanging their marriage vows in 1996.

The husband and wife duo shares three children, among which two of her kids were born in one year; her elder daughter Aanisah in January and son Mel in December.

Macy Gray With Her Husband

Macy with her husband, Tracey Hinds. (Source: Instagram)

But their marriage did not last long. The pair broke off their marriage in 1998 after sharing two years of marriage. Macy was devastated going from wife to ex-wife of Tracey, but during that time, Macy was pregnant with her third child, whom she later named Happy. 

Macy Gray's Family

Macy with her family: daughters Aanisah & Happy and son Mel. (Source: Instagram)

Macy, who honestly describes herself as "a very undisciplined and inconsistent" mother, brought up her family of four all by herself without any nannies.

Let’s know why she called herself an undisciplined and inconsistent mother. 

Macy Gray’s Career

Macy Gray was born as Natalie Renee McIntyre in the small Midwest town of Canton in Ohio to Laura McIntyre, a math schoolteacher, and Otis Jones in 1970. Her parents divorced right after she was born, and her stepdad brought her up; after her mother, Laura, remarried again. 

The Grammy-nominated singer, who celebrates her birthday on 9 September, was raised by her parents, a factory-worker step-father and teacher mother, and three other siblings.

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As for the stage name Macy, she found the name early in her childhood days from a companion of her retired steelworker father named Macy Gray himself. The man, who used to play pool with her father, encouraged shy Macy to be something out of the world that became the inspiration for her stage name. 

According to Macy's mother, Laura:

 "Macy Gray was a man who used to come over and shoot pool with my husband. She was always extremely shy and he used to tell her, 'You're going to be something special one day'." 

Macy earned fame for herself while being very different from every other person. However, it has also come to light that Macy never had any intention to be a musician.

Even though she practiced piano for seven years, music was never her first choice. Regardless, the music gained a position in her life after she moved to Los Angeles to earn her degree in screenwriting at the University of Southern California.

She wrote song lyrics for friends in a band, and after the vocalist didn't show up in the scheduled demo session, Gray recorded the songs herself. In an interview with TheGuardian in September 2012, she recalled the incident where she stated:

"I started forming bands and writing songs just for fun and then I really got into it and got attached to it. Then a friend of mine asked me to be a singer in his jazz band. He gave me all these jazz CDs and I studied all these different singers and I kind of taught myself how to sing for a gig, but I didn't take it seriously until later."

That is when it all started for her, and then she gradually began performing. Later, she was discovered by an executive at Atlantic Records during a performance, which resulted in a deal with her record label in 1994.

Macy Gray is the Grammy Award-nominated soul singer. (Photo:

She gave her career's major hit, I Try, in 1999, which turned out to be triple platinum and even landed her five Grammy nominations. The album gave her such massive success that she became an overnight sensation in the music world.

Her career drove through different highs and lows despite achieving huge fame and success. When she went to the show “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” in October 2014, where she confessed:

“I had a lot of money then, and I had never had money before. And you have people telling you how great you are and screaming out your name. I was a massive a**hole. I probably made a lot of people upset.”

Moreover, she opened to her drug use as she quoted:

“My drug use started as a result of being on tour. My crew was from England. All they did was smoke hash all day, and they knew where to get the good ecstasy. So, you start playing with stuff, and then, suddenly, it’s like a crutch.”

Since her successful debut in 1999, she produced two albums that didn't turn out as it was expected to – but her third album has put up the same music to her listeners as her earlier ones.

However, after realizing her mistakes, she is now back on track with the healthy life that she owes to her children. 

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She has been focusing on her career and has accumulated a net worth of around $12 million. 

Currently, Macy lives a blissful life in her seven-bedroom mansion with her children.

We will surely give you more updates on Macy Gray in the future. Till then, stay tuned