CNN Manu Raju Family Goals With Wife; From Married Life To Net Worth

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CNN Manu Raju Family Goals With Wife; From Married Life To Net Worth

Coming from an immigrant family to become one of the topmost journalists in the world, Manu Raju, in a true sense, has lived an American dream.

With an inclining career graph professionally, Raju has managed to maintain a balance in his personal life.

Happily married to his wife and a father of two, Manu, along with his family has set a new definition for the term family goals.

A settled personal life means Raju has no disturbances whatsoever in reaching the career height he intends to achieve.

With some unprecedented accomplishments in his professional career, Raju thus has managed to accumulate a massive net worth.

CNN Star Manu Raju’s 'Best Wife Ever'

Happily married to his wife, Archana Mehta, Manu, along with his wife, has set a new definition for family goals.

With the duo ever so public about their love for each other, their Twitter accounts seem to be flooded with romantic messages for their significant other.

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Manu Raju Alongside his Wife Archana Mehta

Manu Raju Alongside his Wife Archana Mehta (source:

An entrepreneur, and CEO of AMS, Archana never seem to miss a single date that seems important in their relationship context.

After wishing her husband a happy birthday on 9 February 2016, Manu’s romantic reply to the tweet melted quite a few hearts.

“@smadiva, of course you're an unbiased observer! #worldsbestwife”

The duo, involved in a happy marriage, got their wedding gift on 6 November 2016, two gifts to be precise. Their marriage was blessed with the birth of their twins, Sonya Sushila Raju and Sanjay Mehta Raju.

The couple announced the good news of their twin's arrival on social media on the same date stating,

“We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our twins -- Sonya Sushila Raju and Sanjay Mehta Raju. Sonya arrived in the world at 9:33 pm on Friday, Nov. 6 -- only to be joined by her little brother two minutes later.”

Manu Raju's twins Sonya and Sanjay

Manu Raju's twins Sonya and Sanjay (source: Facebook)

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A loving husband and now a responsible father, Raju has focused all his attention on his twins ever since their birth.

In an interview given to UW alumni in February 2018, the journalist mentioned what he prefers doing in his leisure time period.

“My two-year-old twins, who are tons of fun and full of energy and with whom I try to spend as much time with when I am not working.”

Blessed with the best, be it, wife or children, Manu thus looks forward to having a happily ever after along with his family.

More on Manu Raju

Born and raised in  Darien, Illinois, to Indian immigrant parents, N. K. Raju and Vidya Raju, Raju identifies himself as belonging to the ethnicity of Indian-American. 

Grandson of the famous Indian poet Gopalakrishna Adiga, Raju, age 42, completed his education after graduating in 2002 with a degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Involved in various journalistic work in his early career life, including his tenure as a sports editor at  The Badger Herald student newspaper, Manu has won several awards for his work.

However, his career highlight came in 2015 after joining CNN, where he currently serves as a Senior Congressional Correspondent. Covering Capitol Hill and campaign politics, Manu has been able to craft his own identity since joining CNN.

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Standing in at a decent height supporting his personality, the journalist has thus had a glorious journalism career accompanied by enormous fame and fortune.

Earning a salary ranging around $100k per annum, Manu has been able to build a massive net worth through his magnificent work.

And with his wife and twins around to support him every step of the way, it wouldn't be a surprise if his salary figure rose along with his career graph.

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