Marcela Valladolid Shares A Blissful Affair With Boyfriend Turned Fiance And Their Kids; Pictures Too Cute To Be True!

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Marcela Valladolid Shares A Blissful Affair With Boyfriend Turned Fiance And Their Kids; Pictures Too Cute To Be True!

A person’s love life is a see-saw, sometimes it's up, and sometimes it's down. An individual in a relationship will not always have sound relation with their partner even if they have been united for a long time. We never know when our perfect partner can turn out as imperfect for us. Even if we end the relationship with our partner in good terms because of irreconcilable difference, we still can’t stop missing him/her.

But at a certain point, we can still find a companion who can help us to forget our past relationship. The gorgeous Marcela Valladolid is one of those blessed people who has found love again after an unsuccessful marriage. Her recent affair is something very envious which can make anyone of us believe that love is not under our control.

Blissful Relationship With Boyfriend Turned Fiancé:

After some affair rumors and a failed marriage with politician Fausto Gallard, Marcela has been enjoying a blissful relationship with her boyfriend turned fiancé Philip Button and her three children Fausto Gallardo 12, David, 23 months old, and Anna Carina Button-Valladolid, five months old.

Marcela and Philip have more than 20 years of friendship, which later turned into relationship and family. The hot and gorgeous mother of three, Marcela has been posting different family pictures and couple pictures on her official Instagram account which is too cute to be true.

On Philip’s birthday back on May 6, Marcela took her Instagram to wish him “Happy Birthday.” She shared a picture of kissing her beau with a very cute caption that said,

"Hey man. It's your birthday. Let's get social media cheesy. You're what it looks like when one doesn't settle. Here's to 20 more years of friendship then love then family..."



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Likewise, there are other cute images shared by Marcela. On April 30, 2017, she shared a picture of her with her daughter and to be husband Philip with a heart emoji.



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Similarly, she has shared the picture of her three kids; Fausto, David, and Anna sleeping together. While sharing the picture, the thirty-eight-year-old beauty wrote: “Headed east today.”


Headed east today????.

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Marcela had her first son Fausto with her ex-husband Fausto Gallard with whom she got separated in 2013.  Likewise, her second son David (born on April 9, 2015) and daughter Anna (December 5, 2016) were born with fiancé Philip Button. Meanwhile, the information regarding Marcela’s married life with Fausto and the birth date of their son Fausto is yet to be disclosed. 

The gorgeous American chef and author Marcela Valladolid was born on July 19, 1978. Marcela, who developed her interest in cooking after she worked at her Aunt Marcela's cooking school, is now famous as a host of television series Mexican Made Easy.

She also co-hosts the TV show named The Kitchen. Mexican Made Easy: Everyday Ingredients (2011) is one of her popular cookbooks. From the cooking career, Marcela has been gaining popularity and incredible earnings. However, her net worth remains confined to Marcela.

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