Marshall Faulk Moved On From His Wife! A Divorce After Three Children And More Than Five Years

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Marshall Faulk Moved On From His Wife! A Divorce After Three Children And More Than Five Years

Children are bliss, but having one too many, that also with multiple women, can create a problem, right?

Marshall Faulk, the NFL hall of fame can explain that scenario even better, as this man, apart from his legendary run and scores in professional life, has also managed to score pretty big deals in his personal life.

Married once, Faulk has six children. But, all of his children are not from his wife alone. Well, that's a huge family to handle, right?

Marshall Faulk's Score: Married Life – 1, Affairs – 3

Let’s talk about his married life with his one and only wife first.

Marshall Faulk was previously married to Lindsey Stoudt back in 2006. The couple welcomed a daughter together, but despite sharing a daughter, the husband and wife could not live up to their wedding vows, and their married life ended in divorce in 2014.

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Marshall, however, still spends time with his daughter whom he likes to call his little nugget.


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Further, Marshall and Lindsay also have a second daughter from their marriage named Brooklyn, who was born on 7 October 2007 and ages 11 as of January 2019.

Moving on to his other affairs, Marshall has had relationships with three different women in the past. Interestingly, he has six children, including his daughter with Lindsay.

Too Many Children?

Marshall, 44, has been in relationships with three different women and had children with all of them. Marshall shares three children with his then-girlfriend Helena Dunne, whom he met while she was in college back in 1996.

The couple began having a dating affair and later welcomed three children; all sons. However, in 2003, Helena filed a lawsuit against Faulk citing domestic abuse; her lawyer claimed that Faulk beat her out of anger.

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The attorney claimed that Helena suffered injuries from domestic violence in 1999 and between August and October of 2000. But the case's verdict came out on Faulk’s side, and no criminal charges were pressed against him. Despite never getting married, Faulk bought a home for Helena in St. Louis back in 1999.

His other relationship was with Candace Fisher, Derek Fisher’s ex-wife, with whom Faulk shares a son named Marshall Faulk Jr. The couple welcomed Faulk Jr. in 1995 after Faulk insisted on having a baby. Faulk also revealed that he bought a BMW for Candace after the birth of their baby son.

His third relationship, however, is an obscure one. Marshall has never mentioned his fourth lady love nor the child he shares with her.

Marshall's Disappointment With Trade

Almost two decades ago, in the late 90s, Colts made what first seemed like a small trade when they traded Faulk with the Rams. However, Faulk being the one affected the most, expressed his disappointment he felt that time.

“I remember walking into that locker room, and I was like, ‘I left Peyton Manning for you guys? You could see what Peyron Manning was going to be like, and I’m like, ‘Finally, I have a quarterback I can grow with, and now I get traded? Trent Green? Kurt Warner? Are you kidding me?”

However, the trade turned out to be a jackpot for Rams, who went on to win the Super Bowl in Faulk’s first season on the ground. Well, the rest is history afterward. The retired man now has a whole lot of legacy to look to, don't you think so?

Sexual Misconduct Allegation, Suspension, And Settlement

Back in 2017, a woman named Jami Cantor, who previously served as a wardrobe stylist at NFL, filed a lawsuit against the network claiming acts of sexual misconduct from Marshall and several of other officials including Heath Evans and Ike Taylor.

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The suit, which was registered in the Los Angeles Superior court in October 2017, accused Marshall of fondling and groping the stylist while also asking her personal questions related to sex life. 

Marshall along with Ike and Heath were immediately suspended from their jobs while Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis were fired from their positions at ESPN.

NFL initially denied the accusation claiming Jami made false charges against the men and all the actions were done on her consent. However, the network later made a settlement with its former employee, and the charges were eventually dropped.