Martha Teichner Wiki, Married, Age, Husband

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Martha Teichner is a multiple award-winning American journalist, who has covered several important national and international breaking news stories as a CBS news correspondent...She has covered several important issues and events with historical significance including the end of communism in Europe and 9/11 attacks.
Martha Teichner Wiki, Married, Age, Husband

Martha Teichner is a multiple-award-winning American journalist, who has covered several prominent national and international breaking news stories with historical significance as a CBS News correspondent, including the end of communism in Europe and 9/11 attacks.

She has won numerous prestigious award including Emmy for her reports. Due to her team contribution for the coverage of the Newtown elementary school shooting, CBS even received DuPont-Columbia Award in 2014.

Martha Teichner Biography (Wiki) & Salary 

Martha is currently residing in New York. Her average salary and net worth are not disclosed but, she must be making a hefty amount of money given her long-withstanding experience in CBS.

Likewise, she has kept many details about her personal life undisclosed including her age, height, and birthday.

Nevertheless, it is clear that she was born in Traverse City, Michigan. Her father Hans Teichner died while she was only nine years old, so she went to live with her mother Miriam Teichneir in Leelanau Peninsula. Soon, the family moved to East Grand Rapids due to security concerns since they were robbed in their home.


Martha Teichner graduated from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Administration in 1965.

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She went on to receive her bachelor's degree in Economics from Wellesley College in 1969 along with former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was one among her classmates.

Martha Teichner CBS, Cancer

Martha joined CBS as a news reporter in the Atlanta bureau in November 1977. Two years later, the organization appointed her as a news correspondent. She went on to become the first correspondent at CBS to report on the crisis in Beirut.

Before working at CBS, Martha Teichner worked as a journalist in several radio and TV stations in Miami and Michigan.

Apart from her coverage in topics of national and international issues, her diverse reporting extend on the field of health too. One of her famous 2017 reports on CBS was based on the findings of Doctor Margaret Cuomo. The report showcased the health effects that green fruits and vegetables have in fighting and preventing cancer.

Martha Teichners' Biggest Achievement So Far?

Not only Martha Teichner has contributed as an influential female figure in the field of journalism but, she has taken an active part in environmental conservation too.

Conservation of about 14 acres of land in Teichner Preserve( where her childhood home was located) on Leelanau Conservancy, was made possible by the effort of Martha.

In 2017, Martha Teichner coordinated with Leelanau Conservancy to purchase the land where she donated $2000 personally. Currently, Teichner Preserve has extended to 41 acres with the help of other donations.

Martha Teichner speaks to Leelanau Conservancy Sustainers in Summer 2013 (Photo:

For Martha, Teichner Preserve is the most important achievement of her life. Since she spent her childhood in Leelanau, her efforts to conserve the remaining physical fragments of her childhood through the conservation project have been very inspiring to us all.

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Is She Married? 

As much as Martha Teichners devotion towards her carrier is evident through her work in media, any information on her marriage or relationship has still not reached public.

Like many public figures, who choose to keep their personal life private, she too has maintained the same. It's still unknown if she has children or any plans for marriage in the future.