Hillary Clinton Unexpectedly Lost In The Presidential Election, But She Won The Popular Vote!

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Hillary Clinton Unexpectedly Lost In The Presidential Election, But She Won The Popular Vote!

November 9, 2016 - The Election Day 2016, has become some kind of festivity for the Amercian citizens.  New President with more reformed objectives and promising agenda promises has made every US citizen concern towards the election. With more promising candidates like Hillary Clinton with further reforms towards women has been a center of attraction for every female citizen.  On 8th November 2016, she tweets, about her progress:

Just before the Election day, Hillary gave a dignified statement stating, the election day is the real test time for all the supports and lovers of Clinton who have adored the reforms proposed by Clinton. She also spoke about casting a vote to the most appropriate ballot as their initiation would be next step taken by them for four years. She said:

“Tomorrow we face the test of our time. What will we vote for, not just against? What will we decide is on the ballot, because although my name and my opponent’s name will be on the ballot, every issue you are about is on that ballot.”

However, she targeted the college students and women more in her acknowledgment by asking them to vote for her if they really want to lower down the college tuition fees and want justice along with respect in the books of law as well as in the society. She said:

"If you believe college should be more affordable, you have to vote! If you believe we must reform our criminal justice system so that everyone has respect for the law, and everyone is respected by the law, then you have to vote.If you believe we must raise the minimum wage and finally guarantee equal pay for women, then you have to vote!”

 Although she apologized for the heated arguments with her opponents, on the other hand, she proudly stated the election result shall be the strong answer for any further raised question. On 8th November 2016, she urges voters to cast a vote on the Election Day 2016 through her Twitter account: 

Well, it seems like the lady is confident to win the Election 2016. Maybe the sudden outburst of confidence is due to the constant support from the  President Micheal Obama and his lady, who spoke to the citizens of Philadelphia to vote for the America’s first lady President in their 240 history. Or maybe the confidence is due to the election poll day result where the polling result has shown Clinton’s chances of winning by 70%.