Maverick Carter Net Worth, Wife, Age

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Maverick Carter Net Worth, Wife, Age

The circumstances on which Maverick Carter grew up aren't - by any means - "conventional." To say that he came up from the mud would be an understatement. But, together with his friend-turned-business partner Lebron James, the Akron Ohio native has created a legacy which would make even the wealthiest cower in shame.

Never mind the multi-million net worth, Maverick's business acumen meant that his wife and children don't have to worry about reaching adequate financial stability for the remainder of their lives.

Let his biography reveal it all including his education & married life!

Biography Unravels Birthday, Age & Height

To better grasp where Maverick Carter, age 38, learned his knack for "hustling," one has to read into his family background!

Born in 1980 in Akron, Ohio to a social worker mother & a drug dealer father, the renowned business executive - who celebrates his birthday on 10th October every year - fell into the pitfalls of drug dealing legacy early on.

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Enticed by his twice-convicted felon dad's flamboyancy and his grandmother's proficiency while running a gambling house, Maverick gave into peer pressure and was en route to follow his father's footstep before mama Maverick intervened & insisted that he should focus on education.

A student-athlete at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, Maverick was exceptional at basketball from the start. Gifted with immense physicality - standing at the height of six foot and four inches in height - and leadership qualities, he took young Lebron under his wings.

Unbeknownst to many, it wasn't at the SVSM that they first got to know each other. They go as far back as to 1987 when a 3-year-old Lebron attended Maverick's 7th birthday.

After finishing his high education, he went to Western Michigan on scholarship but, eventually dropped out after losing interest in the game. By that time, he earned a life-altering internship with Nike before partnering with Lebron - who by then was enjoying his 3rd season in NBA - to form LRMR in 2006.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Boasts Swishing Net Worth & Marvelous House; Married With Wife Or Single?

Managing Lebron since 2006, Maverick along with the client of the highest profile has orchestrated some of the savviest business moves in the history of sports. Take the controversial 2010 The Decision, which saw the former connect with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh at Miami Heat, for instance.

Also, the 38-year-old helped negotiate Lebron's rumored $1 billion-plus lifetime deal with his former employer, Nike.

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Away from sports-related endeavors, the friends-turned-business partners also run media platform Uninterrupted as well as HBO's very own The Shop as a means to diversify their portfolio.

While Lebron is still the star of "the show" with a reported net worth of $440 million, Maverick is no slouch either, boasting $15 million in net worth. The stated figure will likely see a rise if his LA house sells at the listed price.

Maverick Carter's LA house goes on sale for $4.7 million in July 2018 (Photo:-

Located at 119 Taylor St., in San Antonio, the swanky pad is a time capsule of some sort with his Victorian layouts and carries historical importance. Initially bought at $3.47 million in 2015, Maverick expects his 4,400-sq-foot house with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and two half-baths to fetch $4.7 million.

Perhaps, his LA house isn't necessarily kids friendly. Now a father of two children - daughter Lyra, age 11 and a son, Zen - Maverick appears to be single at the moment.

Maverick Carter's alleged wife and his kids posing for a family portrait in Dec 2018 photo (Photo:- Crystal Street's Instagram)

Although Lyra and Zen are a substantial feature on Cyrstal Streets' Instagram page, it is still unclear if he and the jewelry maker ever enjoyed married life together.

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Also, there's a startling theory which suggests that Zen is the result of his alleged wife's previous relationship as the theorists point out that Zen remains an absent figure on Maverick's parents' social media.