Megan Amram Husband, Net Worth, Parents

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Megan Amram Husband, Net Worth, Parents

A comedian formerly established from Twitter, Megan Amram is one of the famous scriptwriters for the popular NBC series The Good Place.

She began to gain fame when she started posting funny jokes and oneliners online. Her interest in the comedic world gave birth to funny episodes of Park and Recreation, Silicon Valley and also The Simpsons.

Megan created her web series named An Emmy for Megan for which she earned two Emmy nomination in 2018. She also teamed up with J.J. Abrams to create a horror movie with the Bad Robot production company.

Married With Husband?

No, the comedic writer is not yet married. While Megan does not have a husband and is not engaged, she is committed to her high school sweetheart Joseph Carnegie. He is a freelance TV writer & creative producer.

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Their relationship dates as far as the year 2008. Interestingly, Joseph was her best friend in school and her junior prom date. As they were best friends, it didn't take too long for their relationship to bloom into a romantic one.

Making social media appearance every now and then, Joseph and Megan look lovely together.

Megan Amram with boyfriend, Joseph Carnegie on Valentines Day 2019 (Photo: Megan Amram's Instagram)

However, the only thing to wonder is when they will become husband and wife. For the couple, who celebrates their love anniversary on 10 December, the obvious next step would be to getting engaged.

Megan Amram's Net Worth

Her quick comedic whips earned her quite the reputation over the years. With interesting punch lines and generic sense of humor, Megan's writing has impressed the entertainment industry a lot.

Including hit shows like A.N.T. Farm, Parks and Recreation, and The Kroll Show, she has even written for the 83rd Academy Awards and the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Garnering attention as a jocular writer, Megan's salary should be more than the average amount of $40,000. While her total net worth is not known, in 2019 she signed a new deal with Universal TV.

The writer is all set to create new projects for the studio marking her inherent talent, growth, and achieve a new height in the comedic scene.

Bio: Age, Parents, Education

Megan is a native of Portland Oregan. According to the bio of the 31-year-old, she was born on 3 September 1987 alongside her twin brother Alec Amram.

Within four months after conceiving the two children, her dad gave up on his marriage and left the family. Raised by a single mom Dr. Carol Lidishaw, Megan's mother dedicated her whole life for the sake of her children.

Her effort worked as Megan was a bright and promising student who ran for high school presidency three times.

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A fan of the theatrical and Broadway since her young age, she loved the musical A Clockwork Orange. The said program inspired her to dive into the world of a writer, performer, and comedian.

With a career set in mind during her college years, she went on to pursue an educational degree in Psychology and Musical Theater at Harvard. She also managed to write and create three musicals, while at the institution.