Mike Bayer Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family

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Mike Bayer Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family

One can never truly understand the difficulties and struggle another person faces until they handle the issue themselves.

Undergoing the pain and strife of a methamphetamine addiction at the young age of 20, sober coach Mike Bayer has proved dependencies on drugs can be taken under control.

Mike has been a role model for anyone who wants help with the problem of addiction. A professional companion, coach, and guide to addicts, Mike is truly an inspirational individual.

Is Mike Married?

Working and helping all year round, it seems the coach has no room for a relationship girlfriend or wife. Mike remains single and unmarried to date.

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At the age of 39 now, it's not like the helper's personal life has remained out of the news altogether. With his high profile celebrity clients, Mike's life has also come under scrutiny.

Among his many celebrities, he is famous for his professional relationship with Demi Lovato. The sober coach and Demi first met back in 2010. Over the years, Mike became her go-to guy as she struggled with addiction.

Mike Bayer and Demi Lovato together in September 2017 (Photo: heavy.com)

However in 2018, after a fallout, the singer fired him as her life coach. After the end of their association, Demi nearly died due to a drug overdose in July 2018. As of 2019, she is again dealing with her addiction.

Net Worth & Success

Also known by his moniker Coach Mike, the sober coach is the CEO and co-founder of Cast Centers - a rehab facility established more than a decade ago. The organization's primary goal is to focus on the treatment of mental health and addiction issues.

Mike has helped and served many people to overcome the trenches of addiction. As a former addict, Mike has also written a book on the topic. Titled Best Self, the book is a detailed guideline on how to overcome the addiction issue.

With the fantastic job Mike has done over the years, he earns an average salary of $34,000. But, with a high profile list of clients and rehab facility to his name, he must have a decent net worth, although confined.

Mike Bayer's Bio

Born on 19 September 1979 to mother Katie Bayer, Mike is an American by nationality. His family consists of an unnamed supportive father and older brother, David Bayer.

With a rough and addictive youth, his early life was quite struggling. While receiving his higher education at Fordham University, he slowly began indulging himself in bad habits. Mike slowly transitioned from a pre-determined recruit for the basketball team to a drug user.

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According to Mike, the crystal meth consumption even convinced him to be possessed by the devil. One morning he became disappointed by the face he saw in the mirror. After a dreadful realization on his issue, he decided to get help.

With the support of his family and friends, Mike turned over a new leaf. He successfully transitioned from an addict to certified alcohol - drug abuse counselor and life coach.