Mike Sherm Wiki: Everything From Age, Girlfriend To Parents, Net Worth

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Mike Sherm Wiki: Everything From Age, Girlfriend To Parents, Net Worth

Up and coming west coast rapper Mike Sherm, age 21, first gained traction as a 14-year-old when he began uploading original music on YouTube in 2011. Since then, his discography has seen unprecedented growth with a couple of mixtapes, an album and handful of minuscule viral freestyles under his belt.

With every passing day, it’s evident that his pedigree as a rapper keeps on growing. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the record labels come knocking at his doorstep for his signature along with his dating life!

Bay Area Prodigy: A Look At Mike Shrem's Wiki Profile

Like so many of his peers, Mike’s sound is as regional as they come!

Born and bred in Antioch, California, the Cookies rapper - who’s of American nationality as per his wiki - comes from a long line of Bay Area rappers who have exploited the infectious hyphy.

Mike(left) with the money phone around his ear (Photo:- Mike Shrem's Instagram)

Mike’s frequent collaborator, SOB X REB and the latest act to breakout from Bay Area peened a distribution deal with the indie giant Empire not that long ago. Judging by his career trajectory, the 21-year-old could be the next in line to be signed by a record label.

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A record deal with a major label means, the Antioch native will have more resources at his disposal. For instance, with the backing of a record label behind him, he could very easily afford a feature from fellow Bay area rapper, G-Eazy -- who has a net worth of $10 million.

And more importantly, being signed to a label signals a career height and an increase in net worth, which in turn should provide him more content for his rap. 

Mike Shrem shows off his show money on Instagram (Photo:- Mike Shrem's Instagram)

But for the time being, the Walking Lick rapper’s music is licensed by TuneCore -- Wikipedia describes the entity as a New York based-independent digital music distribution, publishing and licensing service founded in 2005.

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Not surprisingly enough, Mike’s net worth is mostly made up from his income from YouTube. As of 14 September, a little under 250,000 people subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Mike Shrem On Dating: "I Can't Love A B*tch"

Mike’s coming of age rap couple with his distaste for authority (read as parents) lyrics is proving to be a potent mixture, especially among the younger demographics.

His rebellious stance permeates throughout his music; his views on dating and girlfriends, to be more specific. On the SOB X REB’s single Knockdown featuring Mike, the latter raps:

“Ain't trippin' off a b*tch I got plenty/I f*ck her off my name.”

By the end of his verse, his foray for anti-girlfriends and anti-dating sentiment is at its peak when he spits:

“I can't love a b*tch/They only want a n*gga cause I'm buzzin'/I only f*ck wit' her when I'm f*cking, b*tch.”

Given the climate, the music industry currently finds itself in - with the advent of the Me Too Movement - let’s hope that these misogynistic lyrics won’t come back to haunt him in the future when he finally becomes a fixture of the mainstream rap. For the moment, he should relish the obscurity and create the music he deems fit of his present circumstance.

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Catch Mike performance at the Velvet Jones nightclub, Santa Barbara on 17th of September, 2018!