Better Things Mikey Madison Wiki, Age, Parents

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Better Things star Mikey Madison is an upcoming actress in Hollywood...Let’s dive into the budding actress’s life who is still a teenager at just age of...Mikey was born in 1999 to parents who are both...
Better Things Mikey Madison Wiki, Age, Parents

Better Things star Mikey Madison is an upcoming actress in Hollywood. 

Set to star in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - which features Titanic star Leonardo Di Caprio - she is making all the right noises. Let’s dive into the budding actress’s life who is still a teenager at just 19 years of age!

How Did She land In Better Things? 

Little Mikey didn’t know she wanted to be an actor till much later. She was just a happy child living in California with loving parents. 

Being a middle child, she was timid and couldn’t speak easily. It was a huge task for her to even talk in front of her class. In such condition, acting wasn’t even on her minds. Instead, she found solace in competitive horseback riding. How did she go from being a competitive horseback rider to an actor then?

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Well, Mikey’s interest in acting wasn’t a big moment of epiphany. The acting bug started catching up when her older sister got married to a writer. After watching the movie Hunger Games, she finally decided to give the cool acting profession a try.

But, acting is a tough job and Hollywood-biggest movie industry of the world- is a cutthroat business. 

Mikey of height 5 feet 3½ inches (1.61 m) struggled as she didn’t get any parts. She was auditioning left and right, but nothing was coming her way. Finally, she reached the audition for Better Things, and the reading went well. 

Still, she did not dare to think she got the part as her audition was during the post-pilot season of TV shows. Interestingly, the Actress of American ethnicity was called again for a second audition. The audition went well, and she even met the Emmy winner actor Pamela Adlon - the lead of Better Things.

Mikey Madison with her on-screen mom Pamela Adlon in a still from Better Things in 2016 (Photo: FX Networks)

Finally, Mikey was selected for the role of Max, eldest of the three daughters in Better Things. She became the breakout star of Better Things that premiered in 2016.

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Her Wiki And Parents

Mikey was born in 1999 to parents, who are both psychologists. Newbie actress credits her parents for helping her find her true self and teaching about why people behave in a certain way. 

Talking about her family, Mikey has a twin brother. Her family dynamic is interesting; she is a middle child with two older sisters- in their 30s- and a younger brother.

With the support of her big family, Mikey of American nationality is continuing her work in the acting industry. She makes a salary of $5,258 per week from her television role. Focused on her career now, she hasn’t let any news of her personal life come out in the open.