Natalie Decker Net Worth, Height, Family, Boyfriend

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Natalie Decker Net Worth, Height, Family, Boyfriend

Carrying a dream to become a professional motorsport driver, Natalie Decker is well on her way of becoming one of the top young rookie drivers in the NASCAR scene.

Natalie won four track championship in go-karts before moving into full-sized racing cars. Her impressive form continued as she bagged the sportsman of the year in the Midwest Truck tour and The Rookie of the Year crown in the Triple Crown Super Truck Series.

Natalie Decker's Bio

Natalie Decker was born on 25 June 1987 in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Her mother Amy Decker and father Chuck Decker raised her in a family, where history with the sport was rooted deep down.

The Nascar racer's father is a former World Championship Derby racer while her uncles are also former snowmobiles racers. So, it's a no-brainer that her interests got inclined to race.

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As a teenager, with her short height, she participated in go-kart competitions along with her two cousins, Paige and Clair. She hadn’t even finished racing a full-season when she aimed to be a NASCAR driver.

Growing her confidence day by day, the DGR-Crosley driver piled up personal awards as well as milestones to her name. As of 2019, 21-year-old is competing in the NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series and also participating for five more Trans Am Races.

Dating & Boyfriend Talks

Natalie Decker’s professional life started from the race tracks, but, she also found the love of her life from the same sport.

The racer started dating boyfriend Derek Lemke - a race car driver for Ladyga Motorsport - in 2017. Since then, the two have been together by each other sides. In 2018, the pair moved along to the East Coast to support their racing career.

Natalie Decker and boyfriend Derek Lemke visit Eagle River, Wisconsin in June 2019 (Photo: Natalie Decker's Instagram) 

The move ultimately paid off as both the couple got their hands on new programs which lifted their career. Now, the two are a professional racer and help each other grow by sharing their experience.

Natalie also posts videos of their travels and work on her YouTube channel titled after her name.

Net Worth

Driving expensive sports cars and earning money sure sounds like an easy task for Natalie, but, in reality, it is daunting.

Even the slightest mistake can cost you your life. However, if you are well prepared, then there is a massive fortune up for grabs. An average NASCAR driver makes between $100,000 and $500,000 in salary and about $200,000 in prize money.

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With fewer taxes and $25K as disability insurance, a sum of $200K is a sure shot. The Wisconsin native also gathers a considerable net worth from her top podium finishes and brand endorsements.