Phil Simms Married Life With Wife | Children, Salary, Net Worth

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If you love football, then you must have known the former Giants Legend Phil Simms. Talking about Simms’s family, Phil Simms does have a very happening family following the sports background. Along with that, complications came alongside. Let’s find out more about Simms’s family.
Phil Simms Married Life With Wife | Children, Salary, Net Worth

If you're a football fan, you've probably heard of former Giants legend Phil Simms. But, when it comes to his family, Simms has a pretty social family who chooses to follow in his footsteps in the world of sports.

Aside from that, a handful of problems have played alongside him and are still trailing him. Let's learn more about Simms' family without any delay. 

Father of Three, Phil Simms, Is He Married? Who Is The Wife?

Whether he's on the field or in the broadcast booth, Mr. Simms has played in more than a dozen Super Bowls. Similarly, be it about his work or personal life, the world is constantly curious about what's going on.

On a similar note, the former player and his dating status have gotten a lot of interest. Is he single, or does he have a girlfriend? To be more specific, is he married and has settled down with his wife?

Like he has gotten a lot of attention because of his unique skill on the field, even in his personal life, he has been quite popular among women. Even during his early days as a successful footballer, he had dated a number of them. Today, though, he is taken by his lovely wife.

Phil Simms sharing a smile with his wife, Diana Simma. (Photo Credit:

Currently based in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Simms has been married to Diana Simms for over a decade. After being hitched for such a while and enjoying a happy married life with his wife, the couple has three children.

The former Giants great has a quirky and passionate family, which is entertaining to see. The pair has three children, two of whom have established careers in the NFL and are carrying on their father's legacy.

The player has given 14 years of his life to the NFL. That must have encouraged his sons, who now include NFL athletes in their family.

His oldest son, Chris, was a former American quarterback. Matt Simms, 28, entered the NFL after following in his father's footsteps. He also plays quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League.

Dierdre Simms, Simms' daughter, married Brian Toal, another American football linebacker.

Caption: Sons followed father’s yellow brick road.

Around the amazing bunch of family members, Simms and his wife have a happy marriage that has reduced the chance of divorce because she has a great family by her side.

However, due to an event involving Chris Simms, the family's eldest son, one minor issue arose that caused the family some distress.

As if it were a stumbling block on their path, in 2010, the Tennessee Titans' backup quarterback was arrested in Manhattan; his Mercedes was pulled over in July at a DWI checkpoint on West Houston Street.

With his wife, Danielle, Chris Simms got charged for operating a vehicle while impaired by joints (2010).  (Photo Credit:

And why is that? Well, he and his wife Danielle were both accused of driving when intoxicated by drugs. 

He remarked after the official charge,

“There is nothing I’d like to say, speaks for itself.”

Who Is Phil Simms? Total Outcome of The Former Quarterback

Phillip Martin Simms was om born November 3, 1955, in Springfield, Kentucky. The retired American football quarterback, a CBS sportscaster, had his entire 14-year career with the National Football League's New York Giants and is the family's pillar.

His family relocated to Louisville when he was in elementary school, and he attended St. Rita Catholic elementary school. Simms was a quarterback for the Southern High School Trojans in Louisville, where he earned a degree in 1974.

From getting chosen in the first round by the New York Giants to becoming a full-time NFL broadcaster, Simms has been crowned the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXI (MVP). He has left an indelible mark on the history of the National Football League.

Following his retirement from football, the American player has a highly successful career as a sportscaster for NBC, ESPN, and CBS, earning a nice $3 million income. 

To add to his good fortune, the former quarterback, a car connoisseur, discusses how his 2005 Cadillac Escalade went from fast to sluggish, prompting him to look for a new car.

And he's already planning his next move. Simms' property in Franklin Lakes, which sat on over 20 acres of land, was sold in 2017 for $8.25 million!

His accomplishments as a professional player and broadcaster have resulted in him a net worth of $16 million.