Randy Harrison's Affairs: Whatever You Need to Hear

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Randy Harrison is an American actor best known for his portrayal of...Proudly gay, he was involved in a six-year-long relationship with writer boyfriend...After their breakup in ...
Randy Harrison's Affairs: Whatever You Need to Hear

Since his childhood, Randy Harrison, well-known for films like Bang Bang, You're Dead, Gayby, and others, have had a passion for performing. Similarly, he has chosen to follow his passions and has become one of the best-known celebrities on the big screen and television shows.

The actor, who is openly gay, seems unfazed with what others reckon of him. Harrison, a heartthrob for all gay people worldwide, has incredibly stunning appearance looks and a charming demeanor to match.

He has been the target of countless romance rumors, which is understandable given the public's yearning for him. The actor, however, has a history of having relationships that last for a long haul, according to rumors. The diligent actor he is has also been the subject of dating rumors, allegedly flirting with his co-stars, though it's unknown if he's still single!

Boyfriend of Randy Harrison: Who is He? His Love Connections

At age 16, the Queer as Folk star opened himself to his friends and family about being gay. Randy Harrison, born Randolph Clarke Harrison, has always appreciated and expresses very much about his sexual orientation.

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With this audacious way, the actor became extremely renowned amongst gay guys. And someone even succeeded in winning the heart of the actor. The Gayby Star has become a longtime partner with Simon Dumenco since 2002.

Randy Harrison alongside his former partner Simon Dumenco. (Photo:

The two first met during his interview with the New York magazine, where Simon was the interviewer.

The two initially met with the magazine New York, where Simon was interviewed, during Harrison's interview.

After several years in Brooklyn, New York, the pair seemed inseparable. But fate curiously demanded the end, without causing any commotion, of its six-year-long relationship in 2008.

Harrison, together with his two cats, has been living alone in the flat since then. During the years, he was said to have participated in several partners that hehad never verified.

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Two of his co-stars, Gale Harold of Queer as Folk and Michael Urie of Such Good People, also featured in the actor's extensive list of supposed lovers.

After Harrison had described him as his work husband in a tweet dated 24 June 2013, Michael threw fuel to the fire.

“@RandyHarrison01 @buyerandcellar thanks, movie husband!  See you soon! Xoxo.”

But shortly after the duo looked uneasy about playing the Tabloids with these more tweets, the conjecture came to a stop. Although connected with many other stars, Randy Harrison, going strong at 43, currently stands as a single guy, fantastic news to his lovers!