Ron McGovney Wife, Net Worth, Now

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Ron McGovney Wife, Net Worth, Now

One of the lesser-known members of the renowned band, Metallica, Ron McGovney was one of the guitarists of the group. But, his presence in the band became short termed as he bid goodbye to his mates following a feud. 

Despite his exit from such a legendary band, Ron, who has been playing the bass guitar for more than three decades now, has no regrets. All because he is in peace leading a prosperous life with his wife and family. 

Married To Wife; Has Three Children

Ron McGovney, a married man, has been together with his wife for years.

His wife, Rene Michele Norrod, is a biker and loves going on riding trips with Ron. The former Metallica bassist revealed that his wife owns a Kawasaki Versys 300. 

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Ron and his partner have been blessed with three children from their marriage: two sons named Justin & Tyler and a daughter whose name is undisclosed. All of his kids are grown-ups by now.

One of his sons, Justin is an Appalachian State University graduate and is currently pursuing a career as a wrestler. Although he is yet to make his first appearance in WWE, he seems to have a bright future in wrestling due to his tall height and athletic body.

Ron McGovney with son Justin in July 2017 (Photo: Ron McGovney's Twitter)

Ron is a relatively low-key guy: he keeps the details of his personal life and family a secret. Due to this, he even faced gay accusations in the past. However, he proved the rumors wrong by getting married to a beautiful wife and sharing a family with her.

Ron McGovney's Bio: Net Worth, Age, And More

Ron, now age 56, was the original bassist for Metallica and was appointed by lead singer James Hetfield and drummer, Lars Ulrich. He joined the band in 1982 playing bass for the album, Kill 'Em All.

The Los Angeles-born musician even claimed that the rock group was initially formed in his family's garage and his parents helped them financially. 

Ron left Metallica the same year he joined it as he wanted to be a motorbike mechanic and he even had a feud with his playmates.

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While he has remained friends with James and Lars, Ron has a heavy heart for Dave Mustaine, a former guitarist of Metallica

The dispute between them had been apparent before, but it became breaking news when Dave called Ron a substitute for the band until they met Cliff Burton. Ron expressed his surprise over Dave's comments saying that he had no hard feelings for his former colleague.

Ron's former colleagues are now multi-millionaires; however, he is yet to disclose his net worth.

After his exit from Metallica, Ron joined a band called Phantasm in 1986 but, the group didn't succeed in getting mainstream popularity. It was later deformed in 1988.