If Ryan Potter Was to Start Dating and Have Girlfriend, What Would it Be Like?

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If Ryan Potter Was to Start Dating and Have Girlfriend, What Would it Be Like?

If you are ever wondering the face behind the voice of Hiro Hamada of Big Hero 6, then it is the face of the new upcoming young actor, Ryan Potter. Ryan, debuting in his first acting project at the age of 15, is the mark already painted in the fans worldwide, especially female fans. The stunning looks and the martial arts background, Ryan Potter is the new top name for many female crush list. 

However, Ryan seems to be listing the attributes for his girlfriend crushing many fan's dreams. If you want to know what are the must in Ryan's girlfriend attributes, run down your eyes below!

Ryan Potter: Actor Went On Date!

Ryan Potter may not have found his partner-in-crime, Baymax in real life, but he found the perfect girl, Bethany Mota as his date. 

Back in 2013, Ryan was rumored to be having a dating scene with the American video blogger, Bethany Mota. Some sources even went far to tag them as boyfriend and girlfriend in 2013, while some claimed their relationship ended in 2013 as well.  

However, the duo made the headlines once more in 2016. The actor Ryan, who is single, was seen on a date with Bethany Mota once again. Bethany Mota uploaded a video on 25th September 2016, naming My Snapchat Date w/ Ryan Potter, reignited their dating rumor.

 The couple’s dating scenario begins in a car driving to ending in a park where they have a little picnic of their own. But the fans might feel the real bump in the ride when they realize nothing was severe between those two, and the date was all scripted acts after all.

It was one of the Bethany Mota's experiments to know what it's like to use Snap chat filters on a date, and as a good friend, Ryan was helping her out.

 But, Bethany was not the first and the last one to be linked with Potter; he was rumored to be dating Gracie Dzienny in 2011-2013, Stephanie LeBlanc in 2015 and Sydney Park in 2015-2017.

But neither Ryan nor the involved parties have addressed the rumor, so the matter remains unclear even at this date.

Ryan Potter's Ideal Girlfriend!

Ryan Potter, who turned himself as an actor at the age of 15, seems to be the eye of dating rumors and linkups; no wonder for the actor who can woo the fans just from his masculine attributes and shirtless performances.

Maybe the actor is indirectly clearing the air as he flashes his single status frequently on the social media platforms.

 Ryan Potter's cryptic tweet hinting his single status (Photo: Ryan Potter's Twitter)

The actor is opening his humorous side as well, flashing the news of him not being involved in a relationship. 

Ryan Potter humorously mentions his single status in 2014 (Photo: Ryan Potter's Twitter)

Well, the actor is only for real, and this pops up the curiosity of what’s Ryan is searching in his ideal girlfriend. Taking all his dating rumors into account, the pattern seems to appear somehow in his rumored beauties; the design of extraordinarily talented and strikingly beautiful.

However, everything boils down to the actor at last, and maybe Ryan might be bringing exciting news for the finger crossing fans shortly.

Ryan Potter's Short Bio

Aspiring actor Ryan Potter was born on 12th September 1995, in Portland, Oregon, USA, but was raised in Tokyo in his early days. His father is Japanese, which was the primal cause for his upbringing in Japan.

However, his mother, Jordanna Potter is a Caucasian American, and after his parents' divorce, Ryan moved back to the United States at the age of seven. His loving mother raised him as a single parent. In late 2014, the American actress' mother found love again as she got married to James Lew.

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The actor, who stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches(1.72 m), first debuted on the TV series Supah Ninjas(2011-2013). He later starred in Disney's animation film, Big Hero 6 in 2014. Trained in White Tiger Kung Fu, he even campaigned for the role of Robin in the planned Batman film.

Besides acting, he even takes out his time to raising awareness for several charities including Covenant House and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

As of now, Ryan geared up to star as Beast Boy in the TV series, Titans, in 2018. People loved his role as  Beast Boy in the  DC comic books adapted series. The series followed the journey of DC universe’s Dick Grayson who left Batman’s side due to differences with them and became the leader of a new group of heroes called Titans.

Well, fans admired the series as it will return with a season two in 2019. At a time when series cannot make past pilot episodes, a second season is a great feat. Besides the hit show, Ryan was also a part of Underdog Kids, Throne of Elves, Lab Rats: Elite Force, Family BrainSurge, Worldwide Day of Play and Running for Grace.

Other than acting he takes an interest in photography and direction. While not busy in professional duties, he loves to spend time reading Japanese manga Shonen Jump, One Piece and Death Note.