Sal Governale Wife, Net Worth, Height, Now

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Sal Governale Wife, Net Worth, Height, Now

Sal Governale Wife, Net Worth, Height, Now

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A staple among the Howard Stern Show listenership/viewership, Sal Governale is a New York-based actor and producer.

Together with best friend Richard Cristy, the New York native created a niche with a segment called "Phony Phone Calls." Howard Stern once credited the duo for making the radio show fun again. Unsurprisingly, fans share a similar sentiment.

Beyond the airwaves, Sal also operates a YouTube channel called "Big Meals, Small Places with Sal Governale." Opened in August 2013, his YouTube channel already boasts 2 million in views count and over 19K subscribers.

Married Man Sal & His Wife

Because of their undeniable chemistry, Sal and Richard get accused of being a closeted gay couple. In truth, the former couldn't be more straight.

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Sal is a married man and a father of three. He and his wife Christine Governale welcomed their firstborn in 1999. Two years later, the duo's middle child arrived. Then in 2003, the family turned into a team of five when Christine gave birth to baby number three.

Sal Governale and his wife Christine Governale strike a pose circa pre-2019 (Photo:-

Back in 1996, Sal and the mother of his three kids tied the knot. The married pair's earlier history remains a mystery.

Like him, his wife too garners an illustrious career. Christine works as the Placement Consultant at Update Staffing Inc. She joined the New York-based law firm in 1996.

Bio - Age, Height & Dad

Sal was born a Muslim on 24th October 1968 in Long Island, New York. His biological parents - kebab shop owner dad & homemaker mom - were descendants from North Africa.

As a teenager, the Howard Stern Show personality converted to Catholicism. By his admission, he couldn't fight the stigma attached to being a Muslim in America.

With regards to height, the 50-year-old is five feet and ten inches (1.78 m).

Salary & Net Worth Now

Like a typical New York high school kid, Sal practiced rapping and break dancing for a hobby. To become a radiologist, he attended a community college but later opted to drop out.

Sal then made his living by doing odd jobs before pursuing a career as a stockbroker. While still a part of the corporate world, he found his true calling as the Howard Stern Show's prankster.

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Before his stint as a crew member, the father of three was a regular caller on the show. Fans even named him "Sal, the Stockbroker." After earning a second runner-up spot in the "Win John's Job" contest, he eventually got hired as a writer/prank caller.

Now, working as the Howard Stern Show's producer/senior writer, Sal reportedly earns more than $80 thousand in salary annually. His $400 thousand net worth benefits immensely from his association to the nationally syndicated radio program.