Who Is Salena Zito Married To Finally Revealed! Biography, Age & Family

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Who Is Salena Zito Married To Finally Revealed! Biography, Age & Family

In the recent slew of Trump aides getting exposed, the name Salena Zito stands out above the rest. The fact that the New York Post reporter has been brazen with her defense of Trump Administration - at times, by resorting to plagiarism, mischaracterization of interviews as well as quotes fabrication - makes the exposure all the more interesting.

Dubbed The Trump Whisperer by Huffington Post's Ashley Feinberg, the CNN contributor is far from the shoddy journalist that the liberal media has portrayed her to be. Or atleast, that's what her family would like to believe.

A loving mother, caring grandmother & above all, a faithful wife to her husband, Salena's intimate life shouldn't go unnoticed. Hence, delve into the trouble journalist's biography to learn more including her age, salary, height & education!

Selena Zito's Biography Unveils Rapturous Married Life With Husband & Her Family

Under the "tough exterior" she did for cameras, there lies a woman brimming with motherly instincts. It's this persona of hers that the public fails to overlook.

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Alongside her husband, Michael Rengers, Selena has raised their loving children - Shannon Rengers, age 32 and Glenn Rengers, age 29 - into able citizens.

Call it her leading by an example or rubbing off her influences, but her daughter has gone to follow the same career path as hers. A married woman with a daughter of her own, Shannon seems to hold a dear place on Selena's heart considering it had taken 36 hours of labor to bring her "home."

Selena's husband and daughter pose for the camera (Photo:- Shannon Venditti's Twitter)

Whether it's professing pride in her daughter's most recent cover story or gleefully claiming delight at baking 300 cookies on the day she got married, Selena, with the help of her husband, fostered unbreakable family ties with her daughter.

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Going by her twitter, their 29-year-old son Glenn - who, like her sister, remains happily married - also brings joy into their lives.

Salena wishes her son on his birthday (Photo:- Salena Zito's Twitter)

Nothing typifies the solidarity among the Zito-Rengers household than the rambunctious Sunday family dinner, which the Italian Scots-Irish family attends diligently every week.

More On Salena Zito Including Age, Salary, Height & Education

Sadly, many of her harshest critics don't get to witness the "nurturing aspect" of her existence.

In their defense, Salena, age 59, has never portrayed as such when she's spewing rhetorics either behind the pen or while on the TV screen. Her new allegiance to Donald Trump's bigotry and racism hasn't helped her cause.

The SIRIUS XM POTUS Channel Main Street meets the Beltway host, for her part, seems satisfied with the unsavory association. Not only has he gone on to secure a spot as the New York Post columnist & CNN contributor since falling at the good graces of the sitting president, but also has co-authored a book titled The Great Revolt.

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All excursions combined, Salena - who stands 5 foot and 2 inches in height - should make upward of six-figure in salary.

Before embarking on her legendary career following completion of education from the University of Pittsburgh, the 59-year-old disgraced journalist had worked as Pittsburgh Steeler, ran a theater and a pie business.