Sam Darnold Dating, Family, Salary

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Sam Darnold, had faced a similar issue when he was diagnosed with...New York Jets’ star quarterback Sam Darnold has made it to... he has an astounding net worth of...celebrates his birthday on...he wanted to be an NFL player and a good person... The most recent girl Sam was in a relationship with was...Sam had been dating...
Sam Darnold Dating, Family, Salary

One of the worst fears of any athlete is getting injured or falling ill and leaving their careers behind. Sam Darnold faced a similar issue when he was diagnosed with an enlarged spleen due to mononucleosis in 2019.

Thankfully, the condition wasn’t so bad as he returned to the Jets’ practice facility on 17 September 2019. Sadly, he was unable to play at the time as he has to wait until his spleen shrank back to normal.

Salary & Net Worth

The 22-year-old New York Jets’ star quarterback Sam Darnold has made it to one of the biggest American sports.

Well, he was picked third overall in the 2018 NFL draft and signed a four-year contract with New York Jets. The deal is worth $30.25 million.

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He was paid $480K in 2018 as salary excluding the signing bonus of $20.78 million. Similarly, his salary for the following years worked out at $570K, $660K and $750K respectively excluding camp roster bonuses.

Even though Sam is a fresh recruit, he has an astounding net worth of $20.56 million.

Taking about the sucessful player's measurements, he stands at the height of 6 feet and three inches (1.90 m) and boasts the weight of 102 kg.

Dating Life, Girlfriend Info 

Sam was in a relationship with Claire Kirksey. It is unclear when they started their relationship, but the earliest connection of the duo, based on both of their Instagram handles, seems to be November 2016.

The boyfriend and girlfriend posted a lot of pictures together in the past. But the last image of them together was posted on September 2017. It is not clear if the two are still together.

Sam Darnold with girlfriend Claire Kirksey in September 2017 (Photo: Claire Kirksey's Instagram)

Before dating Claire, Sam dated Summer Thompson in 2014. The details about this relationship are also buried somewhere, apart from the few pictures on Sam’s Instagram page.

Bio, Age & Family

Born in 1997 to parents Chris and Mike Darnold Jr, the Dana Point, CA native celebrates his birthday on 5 June. Sam Darnold grew up with a sister named Franki Darnold, along with the care of his grandfather Mike Darnold.

The NFL star went to San Clemente High School and started playing football. In 2016, while playing in the same school, he became the Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year. After graduating from there, Sam went to the University of Southern California and played football with USC Trojans.

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Sam comes from the family of football players. Both his father and paternal grandfather played college football. But that’s not all; his maternal grandfather was also a USC athlete.