Gardner Minshew NFL, Contract, Stats, Salary

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Gardner Minshew NFL, Contract, Stats, Salary

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew's father Flint Minshew has found himself as a viral meme. All due to his hilarious angry expression caught on camera during the game; Flint is now a subject of troll among the internet community.

The incident took place on 19th Septemeber 2019 during Gardner's game against the Tennessee Titans.

The NFL player's dad seemed fired up while his son led the win for Jacksonville Jaguars. The whole internet tweeted by referencing his father's reaction from movies to giving their funny comments on it, coming up with their memes.

The funniest one of them was the one where a Twitter user compared his enthusiastic expression to classic Marvel character, The Hulk.

A meme of Gardner Minshew's father Flint Minshew made by a Twitter user on 20 September 2019 (Photo:

Well, the netizens will be coming out with more of these. Moreover, it has left many wondering if the player's father is aware of his status as a hit internet personality. 

Gardner Minshew's Family, Education

Passion for sports runs in Gardner's family. His father coached his football team for several years; whereas, his mother Kim Minshew was a basketball player for the Mississipi State. Likewise, his younger sister Callie Minshew is a college volleyball player at Mississipi state.

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Moreover, she has already received the title of Gatorade state volleyball player of the year.

Interestingly, after completing high school, Gardner shifted two colleges due to demands for his football skills. He first enrolled at Northwest Mississippi Community College and later transferred to Washington State University.

Salary, Contract, Stats

As an NFL quarterback, the athlete earned an impressive salary of $495,000 for the 2019 season. He received the salary as per the four-year contract he signed with Jacksonville Jaguars for $2.7 million. On top of that, he received the signing bonus of $190,884 that was guaranteed as per the contract. 

NFL Career stats of Gardner Minshew for 2019 season (Photo:

With only three games to his credit in the 2019 season, he is starting well financially.

Interestingly, sports is not the only arena he might be earning vastly. In 2019, he was offered  $1 million endorsement deal by adult webcam site As per the agreement, he would have to Livestream an exercise class wearing jockstrap or just naked.

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Not sure if the athlete is ready for the offer, but it seems that many sources of income are at his disposal since he is at the height of his career.