ESPN Sportscaster Sara Walsh Bio, Married Life & Pregnant Details

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Sara Walsh is an American sportscaster best known for...has also hosted...was born married to a former baseball player...initially met a long time ago...tory actually started when Sara was set to...couple got married ceremony was a beautiful outdoorsy a mother of two kids...through IVF procedure...her miscarriages...
ESPN Sportscaster Sara Walsh Bio, Married Life & Pregnant Details

Sara Walsh is an American sportscaster best known for her work with ESPN, where she has appeared as a host for the network's Flagship Sports Center program.

Apart from ESPN, Sara has also hosted sports events for SportsNation and NFL Live.

Further, throughout her career as a sportscaster, Sara has also won four regional Emmys for her work with Nashville ABC from 2003 to 2006.


Sara Walsh was born on 12th April 1978 in Florida, United States.

Sara Walsh's Married Life

Sara Walsh is married to a former baseball player named Matt Buschmann. 

The couple initially met a long time ago when Sara, who worked at a local TV station, interviewed Matt. 

However, those meetings were very cordial. Their story actually started when Sara was set to interview Matt's contemporary, David Price. Matt had apparently asked his friend, David, to convey his hello to Sara. 

After exchanging 'hellos' through a third person, the duo started texting each other and eventually started dating. 


Sara Walsh with her husband Matt Buschmann in February 2020 (Photo: Sara Walsh's Instagram)

After dating for a while, the couple got married on 18th January 2014 in Sarasota, Florida. 

Their wedding was a beautiful outdoorsy ceremony where all the functions, including wedding ceremony, dinner, and reception, were held outdoors. 

Her Husband

Matt Buschmann is a former professional baseball player, who started his career during his college days at the Vanderbilt University, where he played college-level baseball for the university's team, Vanderbilt Commodores.

He also played in the Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Further, in November 2018, Mark was hired by the MLB's Toronto Blue Jays as one of their coaches.

Her Kids 

Sara Walsh is a mother of two kids with her husband, Matt Buschmann.


Sara Walsh with her kids Hutton and Brees in February 2020 (Photo: Sara Walsh's Instagram)

Sara and Matt welcomed twins- daughter Brees and son Hutton through IVF procedure- on 13th February 2017, which is the same day as Sara's husband Matt's birthday. 

Sara's Miscarriage

Sara's journey to being a mother was reportedly not an easy one. 

Before welcoming her twins, the ESPN sportscaster had to go through the horrifying experience of losing her child three times

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Moreover, one of her miscarriages apparently happened while she was on the road, hosting for SportsCenter in Alabama. 

Some Other Facts

  • During her high school days at the Gulf high school, Sara was a starter for her school's soccer team for four years.
  • Sara is a graduate of the University of North Florida.