Who is Shalita Grant? Is She Dating Someone? Or Takes Career as Metaphorical Boyfriend?

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Who is Shalita Grant? Is She Dating Someone? Or Takes Career as Metaphorical Boyfriend?

Today, we have someone here who has kept almost everything even slightly related to her personal life a secret, but secrets are meant to spill out a little. We will be discussing the personal life of Shalita Grant with a little sprinkle of her professional life over it. Let’s get started with it.

Is She Dating Someone? Boyfriend?

The Tony Award nominee currently has everything related to her personal wrapped up and out of the radar. Her Instagram account seems to be all quite when it comes to her boyfriend or the person who she is dating but her Twitter appears to be making some noise. How? Well, take a look at it yourself.

This is Jaymes Vaughan, a TV host, and a journalist, who has captioned a video which includes Shalita and himself saying,

“My new girlfriend @ShalitaGrant starring on @NCISNewOrleans presently starring on this rooftop with me”

Now, this left us bewildered if he was all serious about it and over this confusion, Shalita added a retweet.

They might just be acting as girlfriend and boyfriend because Jaymes shares an LGBT sexual preference and for him having a girlfriend does not feel like an LGBT personality. Maybe, they are just friends.

And also Grant is just busy with her profession and is in so love with it that there in not enough love left for any possible boyfriend. It could also be said that she takes her profession as her metaphorical boyfriends like few other celebs like Cari ChampionKaren FinneyBeatie Edney and much more.

 Like we discussed her Instagram shares nothing but her professional life and her workout for that curvaceous body. With all the body maintaining workouts, she stands at a beautiful height of 4’ 11” and looks elegant in everything she wears.

Professional Life and Short Bio:

Born on August 28, 1988, 28, in Baltimore, USA, Shalita graduated from the Julliard school. However, she started her theatre play as an actress while she was in high school and performed a scene of ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ as two characters.

Later in 2013, she was nominated for Tony award after her Broadway debut where she portrayed the role of Cassandra.  The fact that she is an actress herself has never intrigued her in owning a TV as she said to essence.com,

"I don't have a television in my house. I haven't owned one in years. In truth, it's about mental health for me. It's hard for me to have a television in the house because I'll just stay inside and binge-watch stuff that I don't even want to watch. I've learned when I don't have a TV, it forces me to go outside."

We can’t agree more with her philosophy, and she is the kind of person who works out even in break time. She recently said with People,

"If I'm at work, between takes I'll do push-ups and an ab routine. I'm there for anywhere from 10 to 16 hours a day, so sometimes I can't work out at my house. I will do sit-ups on the stairs, I work out in the interrogation room. It gets the blood going and it keeps you up." 

Caption: Shalita Grant lifting weight during her workout 2016

Source: people.com

Shalita Grant joined the cast of NCIS: New Orleans in 2015 for which she is famous for and is still working on it. However, the beautiful actress has decided not to disclose her net worth along with a detailed information of all her work besides acting if she has any.