Shawn Wayans, 'White Chicks' Star Talks On Children But Is He Married?

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Shawn Wayans has done it all! He is an accomplished actor, writer, producer as well as a comedian. But the best part about him is that feeling of being a father, as per his words. So what does Shawn Wayans says about his children? Is he married? Also an update on Wayans brother unification! We’ll reveal it all!
Shawn Wayans, 'White Chicks' Star Talks On Children But Is He Married?

Shawn Wayans has done it all! He is an accomplished actor, writer, producer as well as a comedian. But the best part about him is that feeling of being a father, as per his words.

The proud father, however, never talked about his children in public until they reached their puberty. And in addition, he has never talked about his children's mother yet.

So, Who is his children's mother? Is he married to his children's mother? Scroll down to find that out.

Low-Profiled Married Life; Fathered Children With Wife

Actor, as well as comedian Shawn Wayans, loves being a father to his daughters Laila, Illia and a son Marlon. Though he has kept his married life out of the prying eyes, he could not resist himself from sharing the information about his children.

But it is reported that he has been married to fitness trainer Ursula, but he has tight-lipped while it comes to talk about his wife.

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His reported wife, Ursula is the mother to his three kids. Unlike Shawn, Ursula proudly flaunts her children on social media. 

Also, she spends her time together with her children whether it would be two-hours hiking or vacation to Maui. She has also gushed about the difficulty of being a single mother.

She regards having her kids is the most rightful things she has ever done. And Ursula is open with her three children about her relationship with their dad.

"I've always been so open with them from day one and it's the only way I know how to be."

And Ursula seems to have maintained a good relationship with all her three children that she gushed that they were easy good kids. Their supportive nature has made Ursula stronger.

Shawn Wayans' three children with their mother Ursula Alberto (Photo: Ursula Alberto's Instagram)

Back in November 2007, in an interview with PEOPLE, he revealed that he is the doting father to daughters Laila who was aged eight, IIIia aged four and son Marlon aged two then. He stated:

"Waking up every day and seeing three different versions of yourself is great. Watching them grow and learn and being a part of completing a human being is beautiful. I see so many things that I’ve taught my oldest daughter and she’s learned — and that her mom has taught her — from day one. It’s beautiful to watch."

Shawn Wayans with daughters  Laila and Illia in 2013 (Photo:

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Even though Shawn loves the feeling of his fatherhood, it does weigh on him at times.  Specifically at the time when his son has hit the terrible ups and downs. As per Shawn Wayans:

"He is destroying my house by drawing on my couches and breaking all my stuff. He draws stuff for me and shows it to me. There’s a nice picture he made for me, but it’s on my couch!"

Speaking of his son Marlon, the name is named after Shawn’s younger brother, Marlon Wayans, who is married to Angelica Zachary. The two brothers made a pledge when they were little kids to name their kids after one another, and they kept the promise. Shawn remembers,

"It was a deal we made when we were kids. I named my kid Marlon, and he named his son Shawn. What’s strange and funny, though, is my kid looks just like me and his kid looks just like him. It’s awkward, but it was a deal we made when we were six-years-old and I’m glad we made it."

Well, the great comedian siblings kept their promise which they had when they were little. Since he is the doting father of three children, the gay rumors and questions are sided as he is a family man.

Also in an interview with KiddNation in September 2018, he revealed that he does not like if anyone peeks on his personal life. He added that he does not have an Instagram account as he prefers to keep the daily happenings of his life to himself

Career "The Wayans Bros"; Net worth In Millions

Shawn is the ninth children among the ten siblings born to one of the most successful Hollywood comedic families and is a successful actor, writer, producer, and comedian.

In an interview with Morning Blend in 2008, he also mentions that all of them learned comedy from their childhood which got them attention. He also mentions that he always has a blast working with his family. 

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His older brother Keenen Ivory and Damon was the source of his inspiration. He made his debut into the entertainment industry with the 1988 movie I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, alongside his brother Keene Ivory Wayans.

However, he hit the audience hard after appearing in the famous sitcom "The Wayans Bros" from 1995 to 1999 alongside his sibling Marlon. Since then he has been entertaining the audience and he is getting the positive response.  He holds the net worth of $30 million.