Solange Knowles Husband, Children, Parents

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Solange Knowles was only sixteen when she got signed to Music World Entertainment, her father’s...The songstress fell in love with Daniel Smith and got married to him at the age of...While Solange entered the venue with a Stéphane Rolland’s pantsuit, she later changed into an elegant wedding dress...
Solange Knowles Husband, Children, Parents

Solange Knowles was only sixteen when she got signed to Music World Entertainment, her father’s music label. Although, a privileged kid, Solange worked hard for finding her place in the capricious music industry. 

The R&B singer’s hustle paid off when she won a Grammy for her song, Cranes in the Sky, in 2017. Following the success, Solange released an album titled When I Get Home in 2019, which managed to enter US Billboard top 200 charts.

Wedding Details 

The songstress fell in love with Daniel Smith and got married at the age of seventeen on 27th February 2004. Deeply in love, she followed her high school sweetheart turned husband to his college at Idaho. 

Shortly after the wedding, Solange gave birth to their son Daniel Smith Jr. in 2004. However, differences started cropping up between the young parents, and they separated on 2 October 2007. 

But, Solange didn’t give up on love. She started dating music director Alan Ferguson in 2008. The pair’s romance got out when they were spotted visiting an art gallery together. 

Although the Rise hitmaker kept her dating life low-key, the couple kept courting each other. Solange and her boyfriend made it work despite their 23 age difference; the singer is the younger one. 

Solange Knowles walks on with husband Alan Ferguson on 25th March 2019 at Los Angeles (Photo:

The creative pair decided to take their relationship to the next level and got married on 16 November 2014. The wedding was a private affair with 200 guests gathered in New Orleans to celebrate Solange and her man. 

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Interestingly, the bride and groom made an entrance on two white bicycles. While Solange entered the venue with a Stéphane Rolland pantsuit, she later changed into an elegant wedding dress; gown and cape by Humberto Leon for Kenzo

The pair - who became husband and wife at Holy Trinity Church - eagerly ventured towards a loving and committed relationship.

Split With Alan

Sometimes, even after giving another shot at maintaining a healthy relationship despite past failures in doing so, the same patterns are destined to repeat. Similarly, Solange, too, found herself in the same situation. For four years, she was able to keep up married life with her second marriage but turned out that differences started to arise between the two.

The singer didn't let out any actual reasons behind the split but did have a lot of vague statements out for the public about her breakup.

For instance, she wrote,

"It is unfair to not have the power of your own story as you shape and mold and rewrite it yourself. I ain't perfect, but im leaning into the fear of the unknown and all the glory and power I know exist within god and the universes grace."

But above all the songwriter made it very clear that she wanted privacy on the matter and her personal life wasn't anyone's business as she cited,

"Early this year we separated and parted ways, (and tho it ain't nan nobody business [crying emoji]) I find it necessary to protect the sacredness of my personal truth and to live in it fully just as I have before and will continue to do."

She made the above statements making her split official through her Instagram handle on 1st November 2019. So, for now, she seems to be taking time for herself, and with two failed marriages on a row, it must have certainly left her a bit hopeless now and then.

Solange’s Famous Family 

The songstress comes from a famous family. Solange - age 33 - is the younger sister of pop queen Beyonce and sister-in-law of rapper Jay-Z. 

Naturally, she is the aunt of Beyonce’s children;, Blue Ivy Carter and twins: Rumi and Sir Carter. Solange’s popular sister is considered an icon. Thus, people often commented that she was under her elder sister's shadows in the industry. 

However, she proved them wrong with her number one album at Billboard titled A Seat at the Table and a Grammy-win in 2017. Adorably, Solange considers her Brown Skin Girl singer sister an inspiration in music.

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However, all was not well in Solange’s family in 2014. A major controversy broke out when footage of Solange attacking her sister’s husband broke out. Solange, Beyonce, and her husband were on an elevator after Met Gala 2014 when the altercation broke out. 

Post the media’s massive coverage of the story, the Sol-Angel singer’s sister and Jay-Z released a statement. The message read that the incident was a family issue, and they decided to remain united despite their differences.