Sophie Cookson Boyfriend, Dating, Parents

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Sophie Cookson Boyfriend, Dating, Parents

Gypsy actress Sophie Cookson is a beautiful and talented person. The skill she possesses has helped her accumulate an ample amount of success in her career.

But, is her professional life the only thing that matters to her, as she has often been less open about her personal life. It is something that the fans have been wondering, as she has a very secretive private living.

Today, let's take a peek into Sophie's personal life and get to know her dating relationships beyond the camera.

Relationship of Sophie Cookson: Has Boyfriend Off Screen?

Sophie Cookson has had on-screen matchups in her life, but what about her life off the cameras? Does she have a boyfriend in her life in real? 

Well, she has been involved in romantic matchups in some of her projects, like the Netflix series Gypsy where she portrays the role of Diane, the ex-girlfriend of Naomi Watts' patient Sam (Karl Glusman).

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In the show, she also has a vital connection with Watts; so much so that the two ladies shared a steamy kiss while on the NY sets of Gypsy.

Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson kiss while filming Gypsy in NY, February 2017 (Photo:

Similarly, in an interview, she revealed what her connection with Watts is like.

In the meeting, Sophie also said that she and Watts were abundantly close off the cameras. And rightfully so, she and Watts have been open about their connection on social sites like Instagram.

But that is not all about her romantic life, as she was engaged to fellow English actor Andrew Gower in 2014, and the love between them was often gushed about on social media.

However, the relationship could not surpass the test of time as Andrew and Sophie never got married. But, the split wasn't the end of romance for her as she soon moved on to her next.

With New Boyfriend

The relationship between Sophie and actor Stephen Campbell came to light after the pair was spotted in London in 2018. The couple even made out for a while when they sat down outside a coffee house.

Sophie Cookson and boyfriend Stephen Campbell get passionate in London in 2018 (Photo:

The couple had earlier worked together in the 2018 drama-mystery movie, Red Joan, where Sophie portrayed the younger version of the protagonist Joan Stanley (Judi Dench). Many believe the pair got close together while shooting for the movie as both of them were coming into terms with their respective heartbreaks.

Not much unlike Sophie, Stephen was previously married to Claire Foy, but the longtime couple ended their marriage earlier in 2018.

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Not much has been revealed about the relationship, but by the looks of it, Sophie and Stephen seem happy with one another. 

Sophie Cookson Bio

Sophie is an English actress, who was born on 15 May 1990 in Haywards Heath, United Kingdom. She is 29 in age and is the daughter of parents Colin Cookson and Marie Louise Cookson. 

Sophie also has a brother in her family named Oliver Cookson.

She has been a successful actress with her work in several successful projects like Kingsman: The Secret Service and its other sequels, projects like Unknown Heart and many more. All this has helped her cement a firm place in the showbiz.