Steve Hilton Of Fox News, The Next Revolution Show Host's Wife; Who Is She?

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British native, Steve Hilton transformed his political career to the hosting profession. He is married to.......The married couple were once a good friend. But their closeness brought them together....They share ...children
Steve Hilton Of Fox News, The Next Revolution Show Host's Wife; Who Is She?

British native, Steve Hilton is one of the top name, who jumped from political career to the hosting profession and found success on it. Famously known to be the senior advisor of UK's ex-prime minister David Cameron, he has been hosting the Fox News Channel, The Next Revolution.

But what Steve Hilton's strong suit is his wife, who also has a promising career in politics and together, the couple makes the "Tory power couple". With their decades of married life, the couple is still growing strong with their relationship!

Decade-Long Married Life; Godparents To David Cameron Son With Wife

The host found love in his friend of five years, Rachel Whetstone and later turned into his wife in early 2008. 

With their married life of 10 years, the couple shares two children, both son named Ben and Sonny. In addition to their children, the couple was also the godparents to David Cameron's late six-year-old son.

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Steve Hilton, wife  Rachel Whetstone with former prime minister David Cameron (Photo:

Wedding to the popular woman also led him to shift the location from Britain to the United States.  

The British couple also spends their few years in the US after his wife was appointed as Googles' Google Communications Vice President. During their stay, their first child was also born. And the Telegraph reported on 2008 that they were expected to return to their native land to bring up their son.

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Their stay not only helped his wife but it also helped him to evolve his political career. Moreover, the couple is not usually spotted making a public appearance but their married life seems to be growing strong.

Career-"The Next Revolution Show"; Net worth

After working as the senior adviser of UK's Prime Minister David Cameron for six long years (2010 to 2016), he has jumped into chasing the hosting career. He has been hosting the Fox News Channel's show, The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton since June 4, 2017.

He joined the Fox News Channel as the contributor back in December 2016. As of now, being the host of The Next Revolution show, he analyses the populist movement impact of the world.

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In the weekly one-hour show, the Donald Trump's supporter, Steve is accompanied by three experts where he has a short segment "SwampWatch," providing the opinions and analysis on the industrial sector which is affecting President Trump's "drain the swamp" pledge.

Moreover, he also founded the Crowdpac and went on to teach the Standford University. While teaching at the University's Institute of Design (, he authored the book More Human--Designing A World Where People Come First which was the best selling book of UK.

With his hosting career, he earns the average salary of $58,112 and with the hefty salary, there is no doubt about his attractive net worth he holds.