Sway Calloway Married, Gay, Family, Net Worth

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Sway Calloway facing gay allegations because of his...fathers a daughter with a former wife prospect named...intention to get married is...owns a net worth of...hails from the family of...stands at the height of...
Sway Calloway Married, Gay, Family, Net Worth

A gifted wordsmith, Sway Calloway's introduction to show-biz was as a rapper named "Simply Sway." Teaming up with DJ King Tech in the 90s, he forged a respectable discography.

By the turn of the century, Sway and Tech had landed a radio program titled The Wake Up Show. Recognizing the duo's popularity, Interscope Records offered them a recording deal.

Continuing with the broadcasting trajectory, Sway then began working for MTV as its correspondent. He would eventually earn the title of executive producer at the network.

Is Sway Calloway Gay?

Contrary to the widespread rumors, Sway Calloway doesn't seem to be a gay man. In part because there lacks a shred of concrete evidence which would suggest the opposite.

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Rap fans across the globe are notorious for labeling anyone within the Hip-Hop circle as gay. Unfortunately, Sway is one of many victims whose sexuality gets questioned due to such suggestions.

If nothing else, the fact that Sway fathers a child should swiftly put away the gay rumors.

Married & Wife Related

Beyond his life as a celebrated radio personality & rap legend, Sway Calloway is a loving father. He has a daughter named Kiyomi Calloway.

Born as the child of Sway and Mariko McKee, Kiyomi is everything that anyone could hope for in an offspring. Going by her Instagram posts, she seems respectable and loving of her parents.

For their part, Sway and his baby mama Mariko McKee reciprocate the feelings by not waging a war of words.

Sway Calloway's daughter Kiyomi with his baby mama Mariko McKee circa Aug 2019 (Photo:- Mariko McKee's Instagram)

Other than the fact that they share a child, much of the duo's history remains a mystery. Whether Sway intended to turn Mariko into a wife, nobody knows. Given how courteous the two are, they likely had plans to get married but never went through it.

Age, Family, Height

Now aged 49, Sway Calloway was born on 23 August 1970. A real West Coast baby at heart, he's a native of Oakland, California.

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Hailing from a family of five, Sway is siblings with sister Gina and brother Terry. Back in 2009, the Calloway household suffered a tragedy after losing its patriarch. To commemorate his father's death, Sway - who stands five feet & eight inches (1.78 m) in height - even cut his dreads.

Now: Net Worth & Salary

Discussing Sway Calloway's professional life: The rapper-turned-journalist began rapping as a high school student. Together with friend DJ King Tech, he released several indie projects before signing with Giant Records.

By the time he signed with Interscope Records, Sway's on-air career had already taken off. In 2011, he began co-hosting SiriusXM show called Sway In The Morning.

His role at MTV combined with the radio gig has helped him accumulate a net worth of $7 million. Now signed with Fullscreen, Sway reportedly earns a six-figure salary each from MTV and SiriusXM.