Tarana Burke Married, Daughter, Family

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Tarana Burke is like a gem which is discovered only once in...discovered the hardship of the sexually exploited and raised her voice for the cause with a phrase... started passing the severity of crime did not decline, but people slowly forgot about the offer to join the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, which aimed to create...
Tarana Burke Married, Daughter, Family

People like Tarana Burke are hard to come by a lifetime.

Her contributions to the welfare of the sexually exploited community cannot be portrayed in mere words. 

Working as a youth campaigner in 1996, she discovered the hardship of the minority group and raised her voice for the cause with a phrase, Me Too. The movement inspired many to adopt the tagline and share their stories with the world.

Now, Tarana continues to serve the people in need and bring forward the social problems. As a result, Tarana is making the world a bitter place to live in.

Married, Husband & Daughter

Tarana Burke understands what it feels like to be the victim of sexual abuse as she has already gone through the pain.

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While the social activist is not gay, she is the single mother to a daughter named Kaia Naadira, without even getting married to a husband. Furthermore, she held her pain inside but did not shy away from sharing it with the world.

Tarana Burke with daughter Kaia Naadira in February 2018 (Photo: Kaia Naadira's Instagram)

In her fight to bring forward many such affected young females, she started her campaign named Me Too back in 1996. As time started passing the severity of crime did not decline, but people slowly forgot about the awareness campaign.

The cause faced an existential crisis due to the lack of social media coverage and outsourcing. But in 2018, the chants of Me Too started again when the actor Alyssa Milano used the phrase via a tweet. Admittedly, Alyssa also battled with multiple sexual assault accusations.

Soon, the tagline was used over 12 million times by the victims to share their experience, and Tarana was a global hit. 

Family, Age, Education

Tarana Burke - aged 46 - comes from a very outcast place in Harlem. Her family was the typical low-income household who lived in one of the housing projects in the Bronx.

Coming from a poor economic background, she and her brother did not have access to many resources. But, Tarana was very attentive, and her mother engaged her in whatever she could find; like programs, events, or campaigns. 

While her mother was the breadwinner in the family, Taran didn't know much about her biological father. However, she did have a father figure in a man named Mr. Eddie.

At the age of 14, she got the offer to join the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, which aimed to create small community organizations.

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Soon, she enrolled in Alabama State University but shifted to Auburn University for higher education. In her college days, Tarana continued her work of activism. After graduation, she went on to join a leadership program named Just Be to support young girls aged between 12-18. The campaign helped the girls to develop a sense of self-worth and integrity. 

At the time, Tarana came across shocking news of young girls being sexually abused. That very moment changed her perspective of life, and she marched forward to fight against this social crime.

The social activist soon started her movement against the crime called Me Too. She also appeared on the cover of Times Magazine as the Person of the Year in the category of The Silence Breaker in 2017.

As of 2019, she continues to put forward her devotion towards the betterment of the lifestyle of underprivileged women and victims of sexual exploits.