Rain Brown Boyfriend, Lesbian, Family, Net Worth

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Rain Brown Boyfriend, Lesbian, Family, Net Worth

Teenage years can be as hard as it is. Imagine growing up in front of millions of people on TV. 

If there is someone who can relate to such life, she is none other than Rain Brown. Well, the Alaskan Bush People star can share a thing or two about tough reality show life as she grew up on TV.

The youngest of her brood, she started the reality show along with her whole family in 2014. As of now, the Discovery Channel show is in its ninth season in 2019. 

Dating Status, Lesbian Rumours 

Rain Brown’s dating status is a topic of concern among the fans of her show, Alaskan Bush People. There is significant speculation about her dating status and possible lesbian sexuality. 

The conjecture about Rain’s possible boyfriend or girlfriend began when she wrote, sang, and dedicated a song to her mystery lover in 2017 via Instagram. Further, her caption was also cryptic as she mentioned about still loving her unidentified beau. 

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As per her lesbian rumors, it began when she cut her hair short. Also, Rain’s name for her fans, i.e. rainbow - the symbol for the LGBT community - added fuel to her sexuality rumors. And, she couldn’t escape the scrutiny about her sexuality as fans used to ask about it on her Instagram post regularly. 

Finally, Rain cleared the air in 2017 via Instagram. The reality star did so by replying to a comment - regarding the gay allegations - that she was straight. The reality star also revealed that she addressed her fans as rainbow as it matched with her name. 

Further, Rain has always maintained that she supports the LBGT community.

As for the reality star’s possible or past boyfriend, his name remains a secret to date.

Family Info, Age

Rain comes from a big family of nine people. She was born as the youngest daughter of parents Billy Brown and Ami Brown on 23 November 2002. The 16-year-old Alaskan native boasts six siblings namely Joshua Brown, Solomon Brown, Gabriel Brown, Noah Brown, Matthew Brown and Snowbird Brown. 

Rain Brown (Right) with sister Snowboard Brown (Photo: distractify.com)

The Brown family share their ups and downs via their reality show, Alaskan Bush People. 

Net Worth, Height 

Rain’s source of income is her family reality show. As a regular cast member, she enjoys a decent paycheck from the Discovery Channel show. 

Reportedly, she earns an average salary of $8,000 to $15,000 per episode. 

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Interestingly, she has a chance to make more money as she becomes an adult in the future. Well, her adult sister Snowbird earns a salary of 60,000 per year. And, the Brown sisters’ parents’ net worth is around $500,000, which provides them financial security. 

Further, Rain enjoys a decent Instagram following with over 130K followers, which provides her ample opportunities for brand deals. 

Taking about her measurements, she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67m ) and boasts a weight of 56 kgs.