Taylor Alesia's Wiki-Like Bio Including Her Blessed Dating Affair With Boyfriend

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Taylor Alesia's Wiki-Like Bio Including Her Blessed Dating Affair With Boyfriend

To be young and feel the Love is such an amazing feeling right?

In the entertainment industry, some flaunt their encounter with love and some; well, they choose to keep things to themselves. However, for young people, it is something they are proud of.

We encountered professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez and his challenging yet cute dating affair with his girlfriend. Similarly, today we will be looking at another sensational online couple; Taylor Alesia and her boyfriend.

If you go through the videos on YouTube, then you might have come across Taylor Alesia who frequently posts videos regarding her life and other funny stuff. Well, today we ought to know more about this lady in a well assembled wiki-like bio.

A Wiki-Like Bio Of Taylor Alesia:

Let’s kick start things with a Wiki-Like bio, shall we?

Taylor Alesia, as we have already mentioned, is a YouTube star and a quite good one. Taylor, who was born in 1996 and celebrates her birthday on 13th of October, currently has two hundred and eighty-one plus subscribers and has over eight million views on her overall videos.

Given the fact that she started her channel from May 2015, these numbers are just the starting phase, and it is yet to reach some serious heights of success.

To talk about her other social media accounts, Taylor currently has over a thousand followers on her Twitter and over a million followers on Instagram. Moving along, this upcoming YouTuber usually talks about her day-to-day life.

However, she is not vocal about her parents. Sources claim that she has an older sister but not much is known about her either, but she does feel that family is important.

Maybe, her parents and sister are not much into social media as much as her boyfriend is. Now that we have mentioned her boyfriend, let’s know about her dating affair as well.

Blessed With The Perfect Boyfriend:

When we say blessed with the perfect boyfriend, we just do not mean it just like that. Taylor is currently dating Tanner Fox, a young man who is also as interested in social media activities as much as Taylor is.

What makes Tanner Fox so perfect is that he screams ‘This is my girlfriend,’ from a car window to the people passing by.

Moreover, the couple also posts some cute couple videos on YouTube like this ‘Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend Tag,’ similar to what Andrea Russett did before she broke-up with her boyfriend. However, for Taylor and Tanner, this seems to be strengthening their bond.

Caption: Taylor and Tanner doing the Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend Tag video.(Published on April 20, 2017)

Getting back to the perfect boyfriend thing, Tanner also surprised Taylor with a surprise visit to Disney land where they got a picture perfect kiss in front of the castle.


finally got my kiss in front of the castle

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Taylor, age 20, does not exactly tell us what she is up to but her fans know it every other day as she posts new videos. We just wish that the couple remains the way they are and share even more love as time passes.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Taylor Alesia!