Jeff Bridges Family: Wife Love Brings Back Faith In Love

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Jeff, who is blessed with a height of...comes from a long line of the family tree - including his father and brother...Hollywood's most sought-after actor, there has been an ever-present entity in the form of his wife...Wanting Jeff's children to outdo their father's legacy is asking...And what a decision it turned out at the end. Since his marriage to Susan, Jeff's filmography...Isabella, the eldest of the three daughters, and...
Jeff Bridges Family: Wife Love Brings Back Faith In Love

Academy Award Winner Jeff Bridges, age 68, first rose to prominence as Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski in the 1998 classic flick The Big Lebowski.

While ruling down the box office charts, the actor was blessed with an ever-present support pillar in the form of his wife. The 68-year-old, for his part, has nothing but great things to say about his wife; even going as far as crediting her for restoring faith in love in him.

Jeff, who is blessed with a height of 6 feet & 1 inch (187 cm), comes from a long line of the family tree - including his father and brother - who make a living, working in the show-biz. Could his very own Children be following the suit?

Too Big Of A Shoe To Fill For His Children; Big Family With Wife

Wanting Jeff's children to outdo their father's legacy is asking too much of them; that is if the daughters are even considering a life in show-biz.

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The Los Angeles native and his wife, Susan Bridges have three children in total, and all of them are daughters, namely: Isabella Bridges, Jessica Bridges, and Haley Bridges.

Jeff shares a family portrait on Facebook (Photo:- Jeff Bridges' Facebook)

Isabella, the eldest of the three daughters, and Jessica Bridges had a brief stint in the show-biz as a child actresses in the mid-80's with the latter starring in the 1985 movie White Slave. Meanwhile. Four years earlier, Isabella had starred in Termini Station.

As for Jeff's youngest daughter, Haley, age 32, there's no record of her starring in any films.

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It is apparent that his daughters' have opted for a career outside of the film industry. Unlike his father, the 68-year-old Los Angeles native couldn't convince his children to join the industry.

Father Encourages To Join The Show-Biz

The Big Lebowski actor credits his father, Llyod Brides for his decision to pursue a career in acting. Llyod is a legend in Hollywood who has acted in classic underwater flicks such as 1958 Seat Hunt and 1980 Airplane!

The father-son duo enjoyed a mentor-protege relationship. And this nature of their relationship between them was on full display when Jeff penned a piece dedicated to his late father in 2014 that read:

"Unlike a lot of actors, my father encouraged his kids to go into showbiz. He loved all the aspects of show business: knowing the crews, the traveling, the adventures you get involved in."

At the time of Llyod passing in 1998, he was survived by his wife and three children including Jeff's brother, Beau Bridges.

Jeff alongside his father and brother at a red carpet event (Photo:- CBS News)

Just like Jeff, Beau too had taken heed to their father's advice and pursued a career in acting. Some of Beau's popular acting gigs include Norma Rae (1979), Jerry Maguire (1996), The Descendants (2011),  Margo Martindale: Masters of Sex (2013) and The Millers (2013).

Their mother, Dorothy Dean Bridges is no slouch either, with an acting career spanned over six decades.

"I Was Madly In Love With My Wife The Minute I Saw Her"

As for the mother of his children, The Hell Or High Water actor has been married to his wife, Susan Bridges for 41 years. Their marriage is a testament to the pair's unbridled affection for each other.

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And to think that Jeff failed to woo Susan when he first approached her is just startling. Judging by the couple's chemistry today, you would have a hard time believing that the pair didn't hit it off from the go.

The story of how Jeff and his wife, Susan met is something off the pages of a romantic Hollywood movie. Nonetheless. it was a love at first sight; well, at least for Jeff.

In the interview with the late night talk show host, Conan O'Brien, the 68-year-old Crazy Heart star recounted the moment when he first laid eye on her by spewing:

"I knew I was madly in love with my wife the minute I saw her."

They had met at a diner located in Paradise Valley, Montana, where Susan was waiting tables to pay for college tuition while Jeff was a part of The 1975 film Rancho Deluxe's crew who were there to shoot.

In 2010, the True Grit actor revealed that on the day of their meeting, Susan had been in a car accident. He summed up his early experience of seeing her by saying:

"Somehow the bruises juxtaposed with that beauty were amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off her."

Whether it was the earlier accident or Susan's reluctance to date a customer, she declined Jeff's advances at the diner. Like a true Hollywood romantic flick, the pair would run into each other's path yet again -- at a local bar. But this time, Susan's skepticism fell second to Jeff's persistence, and the former finally agreed to go a date.

After the shooting of Rancho Deluxe was completed, Jeff convinced Susan to move to Los Angeles with him.

41 years of marriage summed up in a picture (Photo:- Getty Images)

What's a romantic movie without a presence of hindrance between the subjects and their union anyway? For Jeff and his then-girlfriend, Susan, it was the former's disdain for marriage that almost tore the pair's relationship apart. The severity of the predicament led Susan to issue an ultimatum to him.

In the end, Jeff - after some soul-searching - finally complied with Susan's ultimatum and the couple got married in 1997 -- five days after the initial proposal. Speaking on his decision to tie the knots with his then-fiance, the True Grit actor told Own in 2015:

"I said, 'Oh God, I can't let this woman go,' I had this vision of an old guy thinking there was this girl from Montana, man, why didn't I marry her." 

And what a decision it turned out at the end. Since his marriage to Susan, Jeff's filmography has become a point of reference for many aspiring actors and actresses. No wonder, The Big Lebowski star claimed that his marriage has gotten better with time in an interview with AARP.

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Even after being together for more than four decades, Jeff continues to sing praise about her and is madly in love with his wife. The mere fact that he still walks around carrying the photo of the two from the day of their meeting in his wallet speaks volumes.