Tori Brixx Age 27 Wiki: Dating To Net Worth On Model Who Plotted Rich The Kid - Allegedly

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Tori Brixx Age 27 Wiki: Dating To Net Worth On Model Who Plotted Rich The Kid - Allegedly

American model Tori Brixx is a new name in the industry introduced by the famous Amber Rose. The model-turned DJ was signed to MUVA  Management under Amber Rose.

She is a female DJ in a male-dominated industry, who also attended The American Music Awards along with popular singers and celebrities.

Aside from the rising career, she is also famous for her romantic relationship with the rapper Rich The Kid. And with their good chemistry, Tori was accused of plotting the things to get the rapper's possession.

Wiki Includes Dating Rich The Kid; Accused Of Setting Home Invasion

Instagram star, Tori Brixx is dating the rapper, Rich The Kid since April 2018. The couple met when Rich was still relishing his married life with his dancer-wife, Lady Luscious. While he was dating Tori, keeping her as an item, he was also enjoying the marital bliss.

However, Rich's married life ended as his wife, who is also the mother of his two children, filed for the divorce after he moved his item Tori on the house. Soon after he ended his marriage, he continued his relationship with Tori making it official.

Tori Brixx with boyfriend Rich The Kid on his sports car (Photo:

Not so long after the item became a couple, Tori became pregnant with Rich's baby. The news about their baby bliss aired when the pair became a victim of home invasion in Los Angeles on 14 June 2018. Both Rich and Tori were beaten, and Tori also suffered a  laceration on her face.

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One of Tori's friend came with the biggest disclosure that says:

"They are so lucky that nothing happened to her baby."

Though the happiest news aired on the internet, the foul smell was smelt by their followers and well-wishers in the home invasion. Tori was accused of setting up the plans of home invasion. The rapper, The Game and Rapper Rich Forever's estranged wife also came up with the accusation theory that the home invasion was well planned by Tori to rob the rapper-boyfriend.

During the home invasion, multiple men are reported to have broken into the house and relieved the "Plug Walk" rapper of his valuables. Sources close to the rapper reported that the two masked men broke into Tori's house demanding cash and jewelry. But when Rich attempted to fight back, three more men entered the house pointing the weapons to the,

And it was not just a normal robbery case; Rich was hospitalized due to the beating from the incident.

Rich, who has a net worth of $ 2 million, took to Instagram on 15 June 2018 with the picture that shows Rich laying on the hospital bed where looked like he appeared in bad shape. The captionless snap made his followers more worried, and he seemed to be in the worst condition.

However, Tori broke her silence that she has no hand in the robbery. She hopped on to the social media and denied the accusations. She stated that if she had ever wanted the possession of Rich, then he would have easily handover to her. And for the possession of Rich, she never had to go through the self-made home invasion.

Tori, who aged 27, took to Instagram and shared a video where her face was full of bruises and talks about the disappointment about the fake allegation. She described showing her bruised face:

"I don't really expect y'all to understand where I'm coming from. It disappoints me to see women. Y'all want to see...I don't know, man. I'm trying to figure this **** out."

She further expressed her frustration:

"It disappoints me to see, like if they post some **** it like, 'Her eye ain't big enough and she set this ***** up.' I'm disappointed because I ain't set nobody up. 'Cause at the end of the day, if I asked Rich for it, he would have gave it to me, 'cause that's how much he **** with me. I don't gotta ask nobody for no chain. Like, if I wanted a chain I could have 10 chains. If I wanted X, Y and Z, I can have that. So I don't need no ***** to run in and take no ****. Number one, I got my own money. Let's keep that in mind."

After Tori shared the video, she regrets her decision of justifying herself as she still faces the accusation. It seems people regarded her side of a story to be made up. Also, she thanked her well-wisher who supported her during this time.

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Tori, who previously shared the lesbian relationship with the rapper Young M.A in 2016, also clarified that Rich The Rapper is doing well and the culprit of the crime has not been found out. 

Tory Brixx updating the information about the incident (Photo: Baller Alert's Instagram)

Well, the Insta-model previously shared the romantic relationship with the female rapper Young M.A in 2016. Tori's love interest gushed that the couple was keeping their relationship low-key.