Vic Fuentes Not Getting Married to Girlfriend Even At The Age Of 34?

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Vic Fuentes, a lead singer of post-hardcore band ‘Pierce the Veil’, is in relationship with model Danielle Victoria Perry since 2014. Besides being in a romantic relationship,  she has also helped him to pursue his career and appeared in the band’s music video for the track ‘King for a Day’.
Vic Fuentes Not Getting Married to Girlfriend Even At The Age Of 34?

Marriage is not an easy decision to take, so it's natural for the people to take their time before moving into the married life. But, with the increase in the age, it becomes a matter of curiosity for people to know the fact behind the star's decision of wedding plan.

Sharing the same complexity is Vic Fuentes, who has already reached the marital age of 34 and is dating the model Danielle Victoria Perry for quite a time now.

But have they thought to pursue their relationship towards marriage? Keep reading for the answer!

Fourth Anniversary With Model Girlfriend; Helped Him For "King For A Day"

Vic Fuentes, a lead singer of the post-hardcore band ‘Pierce the Veil,’ is in a relationship with the model, Danielle Victoria Perry for three years. Besides being in a romantic relationship, she has also helped him to pursue his career and has appeared in the band’s music video of "King for a Day."

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Fuentes, who had a series of relationships, has expressed his love towards the model Danielle and their madness in love with each other is not hidden from the public.

Their flaunting relationship is observed in the photo of Instagram, which has screwed their fans to fall in love more with them.

Vic Fuentes with model-girlfriend, Danielle Victoria Perry (Photo: Vic Fuentes' Instagram)

Recently, the couple has shared their special moment on Instagram with their 3rd year anniversary dated 3 June 2017. And still, the couple is going strong with their relationship. As of 2018, the couple has already embarked their fourth years of togetherness. 

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The Pierce the Veil's guitarist wished her girlfriend of four years on the fourth anniversary of their dating life, sharing the cozied picture on Instagram on June 2018 claiming, he still loves her more as the time flies by.

Vic Fuentes celebrated the fourth anniversary with a girlfriend on June 2018 (Photo: Vic Fuentes' Instagram)

Besides the images, his quotes are equally expressive and recognized by people. Sharing his passion for love, he has quoted,

"I don't see anything wrong with telling someone that you are selfish with their love and that you can't stand sharing them with anyone else."

His feelings for his girlfriend has not decreased with the long three years of relationship. But, the duo star has not talked about their plan and anything that signify their future together.

Vic Fuentes's Bio: Younger Brother's Sexual Allegation 

Vic Fuentes, popularly known as ‘Victor Vincent’, is an American born singer and guitarist, who was born on February 10, 1983, to the parents; Vivian K. Fuentes and Victor Gamboa Fuentes

His father gave him his first lessons in music, who is a former Mexican jazz musician. He has a brother named Mike, and also has two half-brothers and a half-sister. 

Vic, who is Irish-Mexican ethnicity, got his high school degree from ‘Mission Bay High School’ and dropped out of college after three semesters to pursue a career in music.  

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Fuentes, who stands at the height of 5ft 6inch, is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band 'Pierce the Veil.'

He, together with younger brother Mike, formed the post-hardcore band, Pierce the Veil, in 2006. They released their debut studio album 'A Flair for the Dramatic' in 2007. The band's second studio album 'Selfish Machines' was released in 2010 which reached No.1 on the US Heatseekers chart.

The pair's career had taken a flight of success, which was righteously proved by their third album. Their third album 'Collide with the Sky', which released in 2012 reached No.1 on the US Heatseekers, US Alternative, and US Rock charts. His successful career surely adds a boost to his financial dimension too; he currently enjoys an outstanding net worth of $1 million. 

Unlike his co-member of his band, he doesn't have the tattoos in any visible part of his body, but it is not entirely sure, given the fact that he has not gone shirtless publicly.

However, the band was going onto the height of their career, but due to the anonymous claims on sexual misconduct made against the band's drummer, Mike forced him to step away from the band.

The band issued a statement stating about the sexual allegations of Mike claiming that the allegations might distract the trust and bond between the audience and the band. Also they stated:

"An allegation was made about Mike from an anonymous source pertaining to events dating back nearly ten years ago. We are taking this allegation seriously and would like to share the steps we are taking in response.”

After the band published their statement, Mike also issued the statement about the allegations of 10 years back. He stated that he has never manipulated someone intentionally.

"I also want to assure you that I have never intentionally manipulated or abused anyone in my life. That is not the person I am, how I was raised, or the type of behavior that I condone. I strongly believe in the empowerment of abuse victims, so if I have ever made anyone feel like they are less than equal, I am sincerely sorry."

Mike left the band himself so that the bond that the band and the audience won't break out.

“I do not want the allegation surrounding me to negatively affect the reputation or future of the band, or to break the bond and trust that we have created with our fans over the years."

The band respected MIke's decision to leave the band and hence they too canceled their UK tours with the band All Time Low. After the important member stepped out from the band, the band 'Pierce The Veil' are progressing their worth in the market as they have started working on a new album.

Vic announced about their new album via Instagram post back in July 2018 sharing the picture where he stands in front of a microphone with the instruments.