Ricky Wilson Found Wife-To-Be? Meet Stylist Girlfriend/Partner

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Ricky Wilson currently shares romance with his long-time girlfriend. He has been in a relationship with his partner for almost...years. The couple met back in...and have been going strong since then. As of now, they are engaged, as Ricky presented her with a ring, it seems that they would soon get married...
Ricky Wilson Found Wife-To-Be? Meet Stylist Girlfriend/Partner

Some relationships fizzle out when it tastes fame while some prosper despite it. As for English singer-songwriter, Ricky Wilson, he has bittersweet results of his rise to fame as he has tasted both.

With his rise to fame as the frontman of 5-membered band Kaiser Chiefs, he had a heartbreaking end to the relationship that he shared with his former girlfriend of five years. But as the old relationship petered out, he found romance with his new partner, who also happened to be his stylist.

Since then he has been going strong with his relationship. Having left behind his 'Rock n Roll' world, the rockstar has even formulated plan to get married and settle down with his longtime partner. 

Ricky Wilson 5-Year Dating Relationship With Producer Girlfriend

Blessed with bundles of talent and a dedication to match his talents, Ricky Wilson was slowly and steadily rising to fame. But as his stars started to rise, his relationship with his girlfriend suffered as a result.    

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The year was 2015 and Ricky had been in a romantic relationship with TV producer Lesley Williams, for best of half a decade at the time. But with increasing fame, the pair struggled to adapt their relationship to it, which finally resulted in them splitting. 

Ricky parted ways with his former girlfriend back in 2015 after being together for half a decade. The pair started dating in 2010. As he preferred keeping his personal life a 'private' very few details of their split were revealed.

Meet Ricky Wilson's Soon-To-Be Stylist Wife 

However, the very same year, Ricky found romance with his new beau, stylist Grace Zito.

Ricky and Grace first met in 2014 when Grace styled the Kaiser Chiefs for their 2014 video My Life. Adding to it, the couple even crossed path later when Grace was in the sets of The Voice styling for Ricky.

The duo had known each other for years before they actually began their relationship back in April 2015. The very month, Ricky and Grace had one of their public dates at McBusted's gig at The O2

A few weeks later, the couple went for a holiday in the Caribbean. 

Ricky Wilson with now fiance Grace Zito. (Photo:

As of now, Ricky has decided to take his relationship with his girlfriend a level up, and the duo has been reported on various quarters to be engaged.

After dating for almost three years, Ricky presented his partner with a ring in Cornwall. The couple was on a romantic getaway to Cornwall where Ricky asked his partner to marry him.

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The proposal came in April 2018 as revealed by Ricky's spokesperson, when confirming about his engagement. His spokesperson announced that the couple was pleased with their decision even added that Grace was looking forward to turning a wife,

They’re both very happy. Ricky whisked Grace off on a romantic trip to Cornwall two weeks ago to properly charm her before asking if she would be his wife.'

Rick has finally decided to take his relationship to the next level. The couple could be planning to get married soon and have an expanded family of their own. The couple doesn't have any children just yet, but they are proud parents to their pet dog, Norman Reedus. 

Form Lead Singer On Band To Mentor At The Voice

The Voice judge is a well-known name in the world of music now, thanks to his magical voice and melodic tunes. However, this was not always the case with the Bring The Noise presenter as he had to work his socks off to be where he is today.  

From working in the bar at odd hours to establishing himself as the frontman of indie rock band, he has put to be where he is now.  

Ricky Leeds Metropolitan University graduate even taught for a year at Leeds College of Art during his struggling period. During that time he worked at a bar and was also trying to make it big with his band Parva.

Parva only released one album on their monikers but started making a name for themselves as Kaiser Chiefs. The band released their first album Employment in 2005 which kick-started their career.

From then on, they released numerous hit songs such as Ruby, Riot, Every Day I Love You Less And Less, and Oh My God.

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With the band gaining fame, Ricky, who has a net worth of $10 million, was announced as a new judge on The Voice UK. He mentored in the show for three series straight, but when The Voice shifted to ITV in 2017, he did not stay for the fourth season revealing that he was not offered enough money.

However, he later divulged that he was 'furious' about not being involved in the judge's panel in the 2016 series.