Who Is Rapper YK Osiris Girlfriend? Dating Life In Detail

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Rapper YK Osiris stormed into the arena of hip-hop with... the fight broke out after his girlfriend found a picture a...usually accustomed to about dating life...manage to create raging controversy following
Who Is Rapper YK Osiris Girlfriend? Dating Life In Detail

Once YK Osiris stormed into the arena of hip-hop with his viral single Valentine, his name became synonymous with some well-known rappers in the industry.

Also, the artist rapper seems to be suffering from some financial losses due to unstable events surrounding his personal life. But have these events bought his well-running music career down the drain? Let's find out.

Assault On Girlfriend, Arrest

The rapper has not made any headlines for his romantic gesture towards a lady. But, he did manage to create raging controversy following a fued with his anonymous girlfriend.

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On 7th September, YK got into a fight with his partner, which immediately took a very nasty and violent turn. Their argument escalated to the point that the singer bit under the left eye of his partner, and she bit him back in return.

Also, as per his partner, the musician proceeded to choke her. But thankfully, she flew the scene by biting his lips and called the authorities.

As a result, the hip-hop icon was immediately arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation. So, what caused the violent brawl between these two?

Rapper YK Osiris's mugshot taken after his arrest in September 2019 (Photo: )

It turned out that the fight broke out after his girlfriend found a picture of a girl in a towel on his phone. The photo created a heated tension after she suspected YK of cheating on her.

Despite spending a few weeks in prison, the artist was freed from jail on 9th November after he agreed to pay a bail of  $150,000. He even celebrated his release by live streaming on Insta among his fans.

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Also, the Worth It singer denied any wrongdoing and denied all the allegations. As per his attorney Gabe Banks,

“YK Osiris maintains his innocence and looks forward to his day in court to defend against all of the allegations against him."

With the assault controversy still on the air, it has undoubtedly tainted Osiris' career to some degree. On top of that, these events can have a massive effect on getting well acquainted with his prospect girlfriend.

Bio: Age, Career & Net Worth

YK Osiris (born on 7th September 1998) made his mainstream debut in 2017 with his single, Fake Love. Although his first song didn't garner much attention, his other track widely helped him establish in the hip-hop arena. His 2018 single I'm Next (Freestyle) became widely popular, and on top of that, his third track Valentine gained 32 million views on YouTube.

As of today, the fame has bought him impressive riches as well. Even though YK's exact networth remains undisclosed, he has several sources of income at his disposal. His monetized YouTube channel has already amassed more than 1 million subscribers.

Apart from the sales of his tracks and tour tickets, the singer generates revenue from merchandising as well. Through his website, YK even sells clothing items such as t-shirts and hoodies.

Interesting Facts Related To YK Osiris

  • YK Osiris's real name is Osiris Williams. His first name means powerful and has a Greek Origin.
  • In August 2018, he almost lost his life in a shootout on Highway 40 (Interstate 64) while returning from a concert.
  • Talking about his siblings, he has six sisters and one brother.
  • YK was only 13 years old when he first got arrested for stealing.