8 Most Beautiful Streets in the World

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8 Most Beautiful Streets in the World

Besides beach, sea, ocean, museum, cliffs and mountains, some countries have enlisted themselves with the world’s most beautiful streets. These countries have retained their status by releasing some vibrancy to the visitors allowing them to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of that particular city. Though those streets are not natural but have been formed from the architectural creation of a man, and they still manage to create a stillness in the visitor's heart.

Without further ado, we bring in the eight most beautiful streets in the world which have forever made the guest leave the street in amazement and stillness.

1) Acorn Street, Boston, USA

Located in Boston, America, Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in the country. Built in the 1820s, this cobble stoned alley was once a home to the artisans and people who worked as the mansion dwellers due to which it is popular for its soothingly neat and tidy rows of redbrick terrace decorated with seasonal flowers.

Caption: The artistical view of Acorn Street, Boston, USA.

The street somewhat explicit the traces of Beacon Hill's hidden garden and is just ‘stunning and old-fashioned cobbled street,' adorable and very attractive for photos.

2) Portobello Road, London, England

Without a shadow of a doubt, London, the capital of the United Kingdom is filled with charming streets all around, and Portobello Road stood out as a market since the 1800s but became particularly famous for its antiques in the1950s. Portobello Road offers everything from fruit and bread to the best reggae and Caribbean rhythm. It is the best place to be if you are looking to feel music, taste, sights and sounds all at the same location. 

 Caption: The overview of the Portobello Road, London, England.

The street runs from the Chepstow Villas to the Westways. While on the weekends, i.e., on Saturday, the road runs 2000 stalls selling fruits, fashion, books and so on where the visitors can get hold of some fantastic brands at an affordable price. The best time to visit the street is during the morning period as the street has less crowd compared to the afternoon mass.

3) The streets of Mykonos-Greece

Bright white buildings, turquoise skies and tanned bodies lining gold sandy beaches, this is what the street of Mykonos is famous for!

The narrow streets of the Greek island are stunningly beautiful, thanks to the whitewashed houses with brightly colored window frames, doors, and balconies, which attract a diverse, upscale crowd thriving on their stylish nightlife.

Caption: The Twilight walk on the streets of Mykonos, Greek.

The Cycladic town is not only famous for its white-washed beauty but is also accessible for the windmills, culture churches, and street shops. The street serves as one of the best Greek cuisines where the visitors get to taste the authentic Greek food followed by the culture. During the evening time, the streets of Mykonos gets brightened by the colorful lights and vibrant music where the visitor gets a fine dine experience.

4) Wroclaw-Poland

Known as one of the most visually stunning cities in Poland, Wroclaw is full of history, culture, and tradition. The city offers the visitors to visit many historical and cultural visit sites without a doubt. The real treats of the city are the streets full of colorful buildings, beautiful architectural bridges, and mansions.

Caption: A musical visit to the Wroclaw, Poland.

The Wroclaw was also once denoted as "the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among the cities" as the streets were full with mixed ethnicities like Italians, Poles, Austrians, Germans, and Hungarians. Due to which the street demonstrates the cross-cultural artistic.As the entire city lies in the middle of  Silesian Lowland, therefore, the whole street of Wroclaw looks like a city on water.

5) Chefehaouen, Morocco

Chefehaouen's unique palette of blue and white color adds a striking contrast with an arid setting, along with plenty other things to offer the tourists. The idea behind this blue dye was the belief that by dyeing with blue color and weaving it into prayers shawls, people would get reminded of God’s power. Chefehaouen has four different travel styles to offer for history buffs, explorers, foodies and retail junkies.

Caption: A little walk to the blue pearl of Chefehaouen, Morocco.

The street gets surrounded not only by the bluish color houses but also get by an epic mountain scene followed by the 500-year-old fortress in the center. On the other hand, the custom of putting blue wash dates back from the 15th century where Jewish refugee to restore the faith of the Almighty God brought the tradition of painting blue, to mirror the sky color. Now the culture has become a tourist destination flocking in thousand of visitors every year.

6) Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bonn, Germany

Bonn is the dreamland for photographers with stunning pink gorgeous blossoms. Located in the stunning city of Bonn, you will find Cherry Blossom Avenue which lasts for two or three weeks usually in April.

Caption: The summer look of Boon, Germany during the month of July.

Photo Creditor:paradoxoff.com

Apart from the flower budding festival in Washington D.C the entire street of Bonn comes into life with the cherry blossom adding glamor to the streets. The breathtaking view and fallen cherry blossom blankets the pavements into pink. So for the ones who are willing to take in the breathtaking view of the city filled and covered with cherry flowers must immediately pack their bags and fly in as the view lasts no longer than two weeks.

7) Bregagh Road in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

Designed in the 18th century, this wooded road remains a magnificent sight and has become one of the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland. In fact, the iconic trees are used as a filming location in HBO’s epic series Games of Thrones representing the King’s Road.

Caption: The Dark Hedge Wood at the Northern Ireland.

Photo Credit:theplanetd.com

The Dark Hedge was originally invented to impress the visitors visiting the Gracehill House built at the end of the road around 1775. The Stuart family are the actual owners of the Dark Hedges who planted the beaches so that the visitors get drawn to the carriage and the imperial beauty of the hill.

8) Águeda, Portugal

Every summer in July, an annual art installation around the municipality of Águeda in the Aveiro district of Portugal occurs where people line the streets with colorful umbrellas that sit high above the ground and shine the rainbow colors. The project was originated since the year 2011 and has been giving its continuation as it has been marked as a tourist sight.

Caption: The Umbrella Project, in the streets of Portugal.

Photo Credit:touchportugal.pt

The primary objective of the project is to provide shades to the pedestrians walking in the streets of Agueda The festival starts from July and ends in the month of August. So for the travelers wanting to embrace the fresh and steady environment of Agueda beneath those colorful umbrellas must immediately plan their next tourist destinations to Portugal to take part in the Umbrella festival followed by the Agueda Art Festivals where the artists from Portugal pull in their creations to woo the visitors and art lovers.

So, streets create and tell stories, but there are few streets which are naturally gifted with stunning beauty such as Cherry Blossom Avenue of Bonn, Germany while the streets of Mykonos, Greece reflects historical meaning. These streets do not only provide visitors with a vibrant photo op, but it also serves as a reminder how the neighbors built them in the earlier century.Thus, every street has a story to tell, from the history of its creation to the people. Travelers, don't waste your time, book your tickets this summer to view and embrace the mesmerizing streets around the world.