Donald Trump's Statement Concerning Muslim Immigrants Was Removed From His Website! Why Is It So?

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Donald Trump's Statement Concerning Muslim Immigrants Was Removed From His Website! Why Is It So?

The statement regarding the ban of Muslim immigrants somehow led Donald Trump to become the 45th president of USA. However, the statement disappeared mysteriously from his website after he won the presidential election of November 8.

According to The Independent, the statement about the ban of Muslims immigrants resided in Trump’s website till the morning of Election Day but got vanished later that night. The page now is replaced with the page that encourages people to donate to his presidential campaign.

Donald Trump made the statement after the terrorist attack that occurred in Paris in November 2015.  In his proposal, Trump called for the temporary ban of Muslim until the leaders find out what exactly is going on in the country.

Donald Trump’s colleagues in Republican and Democratic leaders condemned him for such vicious statement. The leaders opposed his ideas claiming his views were more concerned with discriminating the religion than focused on Americans’ safety. But Trump stuck to his idea until the night before the presidential election. Above all, he tempted many of the Americans’ votes proposing the plan of Muslim ban for the country’s safety.

Caption: President Donald Trump defending his Muslim ban proposal, published on December 8, 2015.

Though the statement has vanished, the video and speeches defending the ban exist in Trump’s campaign website. The removal of the statement has now sent a bad message to all those Anti- Muslim supporters who voted for Trump. This move of Trump has made everyone confused about whether or not he is going to fulfill the words about the ban of Muslim immigrants.

This isn’t the first time; Trump swiped the contents from his website. Before this, when it was found that the first lady, Melanie Trump has not received the university degree, the page was scrubbed and redirected to President Trump’s golf course homepage.