Presidential Election Live: Republicans Take Over US House with Majority! Stay With Us For Live Updates

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Presidential Election Live: Republicans Take Over US House with Majority! Stay With Us For Live Updates

As Republican candidate Donald Trump retains the White House, the rest of the Republicans will maintain their majority in the US House of Representatives as projected by NBC, ABC and some other TV networks.

It looks like the fate of the Republicans will follow that of their presidential candidate Donald Trump who has recently become the 45th POTUS winning the White House against Democrat representative Hilary Clinton. Republicans are likely to maintain their 6-year long control over the Senate against their Democrat adversaries.

Caption: The U.S. House of Representatives chamber is seen December 8, 2008, in Washington, DC Members of the media were allowed access to film and photograph the room for the first time in six years


There have been 28 Senate races already completed so far, and the Democratic Party has only managed to secure one seat so far with only a few additional opportunities remain for them excluding some races that were too close to decide.

Republicans have been controlling the House with the majority since 2011, and it seems like they will continue their dominance on the legislation. From the resistance that the Republican House of Representatives forced onto President Barrack Obama, and his actions can easily verify the importance of holding the majority.

The majority could determine the policy-making decisions of the legislation, and after the Presidential elections, this will be the next big thing for both the parties; Republicans and Democrats.

The only Senate seat that the Democratic Party was due to the expected win of Democratic Party Representative Tammy Duckworth who managed to defeat adversary Senator Mark Kirk for the state of Illinois.

In this state, the Democrats have to win 5 more seats out of the 100 now that Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States to win the majority of the house.

Some TV networks have even projected a tie of 50/50 number of seats to both parties, in such a case, the next elected vice-president will serve as the tie-breaker. So, regarding a draw, it will entirely be determined whether the Vice-President would be Democrat Tim Kaine or Republican Mike Pence.

Senator Marco Rubio, a shocking member on the list, won a seat in Florida. He had himself previously entered into the Presidential Election but after an unsuccessful had pulled out and even said that he would quit the government.

Caption: Marco Rubio Quitting Government After Dropping from Presidential Race posted on March 2016

Democrats had a lot fewer seats to defend than the Republican, yet they fell in short for states like Indiana where the former Senator Evan Bayh failed to hold his own against Republican Representative Todd Young in their battle to replace Republican Dan Coats.

Similarly, Democrat Russ Feingold also failed in his bid to attain the seat in the Senate against Republican Senator Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. In North Carolina as well, the efforts of Democratic challenger Deborah Ross got foiled as Republican Senator Richard Burr retained his seats.

With Hillary’s fall in the elections, Democrats have a long battle ahead them to take over the Senate. The chances look slim for Democrats while Republicans may be looking at a total control of the government.