Former News Anchor Heather Unruh Accused Kevin Spacey of Sexual Harassment! Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her Son

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Former News Anchor Heather Unruh Accused Kevin Spacey of Sexual Harassment! Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her Son

A journalist has recently confronted the media to accuse Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment!

On Wednesday, former news anchor Heather Unruh claimed that Hollywood superstar Kevin sexually assaulted her 18-year-aged son in Nantucket last summer.

The award-winning reporter Heather reported the spot of the incident; she stated that it happened at the Club Car Restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts in July 2016.

She said that Kevin bought her son several drinks and then struck his hand down the teen's pants to grab his genitals.

Caption: Heather confronting media to reveal Kevin's another case of sexual assault

(Published on Nov 8, 2017).

The words of Heather were:

“The victim, my son, was a star-struck 18-year-old who had no idea this famous actor was an alleged sexual predator or that he was about to become his next victim."

Then aggrieved reporter further displayed her anger, saying:

“Kevin Spacey had no right to sexually assault him.”

While Heather didn't disclose the name of her son, she said that her teenager son was intoxicated by 58-year-old star of The Usual Suspects, Kevin.

She then narrated- Kevin left to use the toilet and also explained how a concerned woman helped her son escape the situation.

“She told him to run and he did. He ran as fast as he could, to his grandmother's house. He woke up his sister Kyla and the two of them called me that night here in Boston.

She also added:

“The next morning I joined my family on Nantucket. Nothing could have prepared my son. It harmed him and it cannot be undone. “He has tried his best to deal with it, as he says it's always there and continues to bother him. All of us have had sleepless nights and tremendous anger.”

Mitchell Garabedian, the lawyer renowned for exposing child abuse in the Catholic Church,  is representing Heather, who made her conclusive statement.

“I want to see Kevin Spacey go to jail. I want to see Kevin Spacey have the hand of justice come down on him.

In a question regarding her delay to report the case, Heather said that her son was embarrassed then, and was afraid facing the mass. But as the time has changed now, with everyone going public about sexual misconduct allegations, her family has decided to come forward and report the issue.

The former WCVB anchor, Heather has first tweeted the accusation on 13th of October, mentioning that the Harvey Weinstein sex assault scandal boosted her.

“I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell.”

Heather's son has finally filed a report with Nantucket police last week, who have thence begun the criminal investigation regarding this matter. But the department hasn't confirmed any of their research, as they say, sexual reports are confidential.

Well, the Oscar winning-actor, Kevin has not commented anything on Unruh's claim. He has further been facing several allegations of sex abuse and was first dragged into the case after Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp reported his case.

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