Paz de la Huerta Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Sexual Harassment! Said She Was Raped - Twice

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Paz de la Huerta Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Sexual Harassment! Said She Was Raped - Twice

The disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein is now facing a third set of sexual assault accusation, as the actress and former star of Broadwalk Empire, Paz De La Huerta recently joined the chorus of more than eighty women, who have accused the producer, Harvey of sexual harassment.

In a phone interview with Vanity Fair on Wednesday, she allegedly said that the man who is approaching to a divorce his wife, Georgina Chapman sexually assaulted her twice in the year 2010.

As per the interview with the actress, the incident took place in 2010, when she was professionally at her career's peak.

In the interrogation, she expressed a now-familiar story of Weinstein's alleged action which mainly occurs when two are alone; meeting at a hotel, offering a girl for a ride to home and then escalation of aggression leading to rape.

She divulged:

“Immediately when we got inside the house, he started to kiss me and I kind of brushed [him] away.”

Huerta further added:

“Then he pushed me onto the bed and his pants were down and he lifted up my skirt. I felt afraid. It wasn’t consensual. It happened very quickly. He stuck himself inside me. When he was done he said he’d be calling me. I kind of just laid on the bed in shock.”

Well, she not only explained her dejected past but also provided 'VF' with a letter from her therapist; the only one who knew the incident at that time. She then went for an explanation of her second incident with Weinstein, which occurred just a few weeks later in her building lobby, when Huerta was on her way home from a photo shoot.

She explained:

“He hushed me and said, ‘Let’s talk about this in your apartment. I was in no state. I was so terrified of him. I did say no, and when he was on top of me I said, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ He kept humping me and it was disgusting. He’s like a pig. He raped me.” 

Moreover, she mentioned about her habit of drinking after the incident which ultimately collapsed her career. The words from the actress were:

“I was very traumatized. I don’t think I was taking very good care of myself. What happened with Harvey left me scarred for many years. I felt so disgusted by it, with myself. I became a little self-destructive. It was really hard for me to deal, to cope.” 

The actress, indeed, came forward ten days ago, telling NYPD that Weinstein raped her twice in Manhattan.

After hearing the allegations which came just a few weeks after the accusations against Fox News' Boss Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, the NYPD has begun their investigations as per the revelation made by authorities on Thursday.

Moreover, they have already claimed that the investigators have corroborating evidence of the assaults, but haven't specified what it is.

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