Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose Despite More Supporters And Publicity? Big Question to America!

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Why Did Hillary Clinton Lose Despite More Supporters And Publicity? Big Question to America!

Donald J. Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Elections left the whole world baffled. While people still remain in disbelief, protest, attempt to move to another country or just move on in disappointment, the fact remains that majority people supported Donald Trump. Here are some of Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton’s mistakes that cost her the Presidency.

From the beginning till the very end Donald Trump had continued with his misogynist and racist rants, farfetched allegations and non-existent policies when it comes to his campaigns. So, there could be the only explanation that the expected winner Hillary must have slipped somewhere along the line.

Caption: Panel on How Hillary Clinton Lost on November 9, 2016.

Here are some of the reasons to why Hillary Clinton could’ve lost the elections:

E-mail Controversy!

Perhaps the most notable setback for Hillary Clinton and her campaign has to be related to the entire fuss related to her private e-mail account. Not many people believed in Trump’s wild accusations about the secret behind her e-mails being “bigger than Watergate, critical" but it did let many people questioning Hillary’s authenticity including her supported 

It raised a crucial question of “Why would she hide something if there was nothing to hide?” After FBI had started to investigate her things took a turn for the worse with revelations of paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, deletion of 33,000 emails, Anthony Weiner sex scandal, and many other smaller matters affected her campaign profoundly.

Caption: FBI reopens investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use on October 28, 2016

Anthony Weiner’s case was mainly occurring only 2 weeks before the Presidential elections. Even though no further misconduct was detected by the FBI the whole matter being a fresh cut left a profound impact on voters.

Economic Policies:

Although Clinton’s campaign policies surpassed the expectations of people and met the needs of various factors, she fell short when it came to the economy. One of the most promising qualities of President Obama had been stagnant growth in employment and prevention of an economic crash. Hilary Clinton failed to be equally convincing.

But Donald Trump, on the other hand, kept forcing on economic prospects and policies of his campaign. He spoke highly in the improvement of infrastructures and growth in jobs. If no experience in any other factors, Donald Trump seemed to be significantly experienced when it came to finances and business that Hillary lacked.

“Stronger Alone”:

Hillary led her campaign with a strong motto of “Stronger Together, center” but with time it gradually lost its purpose as she became a center of her campaign. She grabbed attention for most of her campaigns even though she had things like her healthcare systems a version of Bernie Sander’s debt system.

Presidential Debate:

Donald Trump had won the first presidential debate despite the media and press siding with Clinton. But many people agreed that despite the sexual assault allegations Hillary was not able to make a significant remark against Donald Trump. Many viewers may not have been inclined to Donald Trump right then, but they certainly understood that they had underestimated him.

Popular and yet a Loss:

People who were already shocked at Donald Trump becoming President find it more shocking that it was Hillary Clinton who actually won the most popular politician’s title. In reality, this is not really a new thing to happen. Over the course of recent history, Clinton will be fifth to win the most popular politician but fail to become the President.

The most recent time was when Hillary’s fellow Democrat Al Gore who won the most popular vote against former President George W. Bush but we all know how it turned out for him in the actual electoral votes for the presidential elections in 2000.

In the case of Hillary, Democrat strong western states like California alone concealed 55 points. This is not what happens in the electoral votes, though. Electoral votes have been well sorted out a point system that existed since America’s constitution.

So, here are a few of the reasons how Hillary Clinton could have herself contributed to her loss. With so many reasons, if not the total cause then they must have been a major factor.