Matthew Rhode Age 36 Married, GOT Themed Romantic Wedding Ceremony

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Matthew Rhode Age 36 Married, GOT Themed Romantic Wedding Ceremony

A Game Of Thrones themed wedding with Cowboy attire for actor Matthew Rhode and model fiance Adrianne Curry!

The American voice-over actor, aged 36, and his longtime partner Adrianne Curry eloped rather than getting married in a civil ceremony on 15 September 2018 in Logans Pass of Glacier National Park.

According to the blog-styled post uploaded on the latter's official website, the private affair had only one guest- the wedding photographer Brooke Stevens Patrick, who doubled as their officiant -- it was, by all means, a total geek fest.

Matthew and his wife-to-be on the day of their wedding (Photo:- Daily Mail)

Expounding on their decision to elope and get married, Matthew's wife, who is also of the same age as the actor, wrote:

"We wanted an intimate and meaningful wedding. People opposed our career changes, our life changes, etc. It made sense to just do the thing in a personal way and save for our future."

The voice-over actor's family, however, didn't seem thrilled with the pair's decision to elope at first but later complied. According to Adrianne's blog post, Matthew's family were "bummed."

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As for their Game Of Thrones themed wedding, Adrianne - a former America's Next Top Model winner - wrote about toying with the idea of Lord of the Rings themed ceremony but eventually settled for Game of Thrones. She explained:

"I had always been obsessed with it. The metalwork looked elvish. Also, the Grecian flow of it was always something I envied and wish I had in my closet."

Matthew, however, wasn't completely sold on the whole mythical looks. As revealed by the wedding photos, he went for a more casual cowboy appearance with a blue long-sleeved button-up, a vest, and Khakis. Meanwhile, his wife-to-be, Adrianne wore gold accessories and white and gold gown.

Matthew and wif, Adrianne pose for wedding photos (Photo:- Daily Mail)

This is Matthew's first marriage whereas his fiance was previously married to The Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight for about six years. Adrianne and Christopher divorced in 2012.

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As a matter of fact, she had a word or two to say about her previous marriage in her long post. Sounding a tad bit bitter, Adrianne revealed:

"Most of you know, I was wed before. It took this meaningful union to realize just how absolutely f--king fake that first wedding was. It was a TV show."

Hopefully, her second marriage to Matthew won't leave a sour taste in her mouth as her first one did!