Paris Dennard Wife & Girlfriend Talks Amid Gay Rumors | Family Revealed

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Paris Dennard Wife & Girlfriend Talks Amid Gay Rumors | Family Revealed

CNN political commentator, Paris Dennard has always been considered as a controversial figure in CNN history due to his generally homophobic remarks towards gay people and making jokes about his married life. 

Paris, who is currently in a relationship with a mysterious girlfriend, might have jeopardized his relationship after the recent upcoming.

Talks Of Married Life And Wife; Dating Trump Supporter Girlfriend

Paris, who is active on social media, has often discussed his personal life issues with his followers through the platform. 

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Back in May 2014, Paris talked about the possibility of him starting a family with wife and children. He wrote on his Twitter,

"I can easily see my future wife having this convo with our son lol #5yearoldproblems"

The same year on 22 December, he shared another tweet talking about his lonely life. He expressed his envy towards married and engaged guys; further adding that instead of spending his time with a girlfriend or a wife, he was wasting his time picking out which sweater to wear for the day. 

"#mylife RT @ProperKidProbs: Everyone's getting engaged or married and I'm just sitting here trying to pick out what sweater to wear today..."

Previously, Paris was also been known to make comments on the discrimination faced by a married couple in comparison to single people.

He mentioned via a post on 31 December 2012 that unmarried people with an annual salary of $80,000 were obligated to pay an additional tax of $3,000 whereas a couple with two children and the same income were forced to pay taxes of nearly $6,000.

"#FCLIFF reality if NO DEAL: Single w/ no kids making 80k #Taxes go UP 3K, If you are married w/ 2 kids your taxes increase $6k #thxcongress"

Paris stated in 2017 that he had an ex-girlfriend whom he was no longer dating but encountered at the metro after their breakup. He even claimed that escaping his ex-girlfriend was like dodging a bullet.

"When they say Throwback Thursday I didn't think that meant seeing my ex girlfriend on the metro...#dodgedthatbullet #thankfulfortheupgrade"

Finally, the dilemma about his girlfriend was solved when Paris came forward with a post claiming that he was dating a girlfriend and she is also a Trump supporter like her boyfriend. He wrote in the tweet shared on 16 May 2018, 

"Luckily my girlfriend is another Trump supporter so we don’t have to worry. But leave it to open minded non judging liberals to say they would rather date a convicted felon than someone who wants to #MAGA"

Apart from his dating life, Paris is also known for his controversial remarks on gay people. Although earlier in 2015, he had mentioned that he would be supportive and loving of his future daughter even if she came out as gay; however, by November 2017, the commentator had changed his views. 

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While appearing as a guest on the first episode of Clay Cane's talk shows The Clay Cane Show, Paris stated that gay marriage was against religion as it is forbidden by the Bible. While claiming that his religious faith intervened with gay marriage, he maintained his disagreement for the union of gay people.

Further, he also added that getting people married should not be under the authority of the court but rather should be handled by the church. Apart from his remarks on gay people, Paris has recently gotten stuck in a sexual assault case which may even cost his job.

Family Details And Education, Suspended From CNN After Sexual Misconduct Reports

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Paris was raised by a single mother after his parents separated when he was a child of young age. Paris, who currently ages 36, has not talked much about his father or his paternal family but is close to his great aunt named Evelyn Dennard, who is his maternal grandmother's sister.

Further, Paris shares a close bond with his mother and regularly features her in his social media posts. On 13 May 2018, he shared a picture alongside his mother wishing her for "Mother's Day" and thanked her for always being there to support and love him. 

Paris Dennard with his mother on Mother's Day 2018 (Photo: Paris Dennard's Instagram)

His family also consists of two uncles: Preston and Glenn Dennard, who were both former professional football players. 

Paris, who works as a political commentator in CNN, completed his college education from Pepperdine University graduating in Political Science and Public Relations. Later in his career, he worked as an Events Director for the Arizona State University run McCain Institute for International Leadership.

He assumed the role for about one and a half year until he was fired from his job in March 2015, the Washington Post reported in August 2018. 

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The report revealed that Paris had asked for sexual favors from a now-college graduate, who used to work for him then. Further, he also asked her to sleep with him and even acted unzipping his pants in her presence and tried making masturbatory hand gestures in front of her.

A second woman also accused Paris of making her uncomfortable by his constant sexual advancements. Also, Paris accepted those accusations but mentioned that they were only meant as a joke.

After the news got surfaced in the media, Paris was immediately suspended by CNN and will remain suspended until further investigations conclude.