Presidential Election Update: Clinton Supporters Leave Headquarters in Tears as Trump fans' Cheering Getting Louder!

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Presidential Election Update: Clinton Supporters Leave Headquarters in Tears as Trump fans' Cheering Getting Louder!

Some of the celebrity who were on Clinton’s side celebrated her and were down to party with the Democrat, but it looks like they were too soon to do it. As Trump turned out to be victorious over the Florida state, Clinton’s supporters seem to be losing their grip on themselves, and as expected, Trump’s supporters are on their toe tips, dancing to the celebration.

Many celebrities along with Lady Gaga and Amy Schumer went down to Javits Centre in New York City to celebrate Hillary Clinton who some hours ago had pretty good chances of being the first elected president, but the same chances are now dead slim as all the voters seem to be up to ‘Make America Great Again.'

The enthusiastic crowd at the Hillary headquarters sunk in sadness as Republican Donald Trump stood as the winner in North Carolina and Florida and has not bad chances with Michigan, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin as well. With the continuous downfall in Hillary’s chances of winning the election, all that her aide could say is, “I feel nauseous”.

As the senior aide is absent from the event, Clinton supporter is all entirely and closed, looking up at the screen with eyes full of tears while some are even crying out loudly. The ‘Let Get Loud’ chanting from the Democrat representing citizens quietly softened and now has turned into prayers.Cap

Caption: A group of girls crying over Clinton's constant decreasing chances of winning.

Just about two miles away from HQ filled with devastated Democrats, at the New York Hilton invite, only event, roars of celebration mixed with a substantial amount of cheering are filling the air as Trump set his victorious paws over North Carolina and Florida. The event is filled with cheers, a lot of ‘HAH! And Hoos’ and chants of ‘lock her up.'

Caption: Two Trump supporters hug each other with smirks of victory as their nominee is steady on his way to winning the election.


Amid of all the celebration and grief, there is Barbara Tate, a mother of a 20 years old college daughter and a longtime supporter of Hillary who is all nervous and tensed up about the situation. She said,

“My heart is hanging on every word here. I’m on the verge of tears. I’m so upset right now. I have a 20-year-old daughter in college, and I just feel if he gets to be president… it’s all over. It’s just … nothing. I feel like we’re going to go back to a really scary world of hate and prejudice and anti-woman. But [holding out hope] ’til the last second.”

Caption: A moment filled with grief and silence at the Hillary HQ as her chances to win to be thin.